If I've finished the MQ and download Dragonborn can I keep going?

#112ehstevePosted 6/26/2013 7:25:50 AM
Basically, I've finished the main quest (though I do have a save JUST before entering Sovngaard, so that's not a problem) and was thinking of picking up the Dragonborn DLC but was wondering if I could going with the same file and play the DB content or do I need to start a new file?

What about the other DLCs, do they require a new file or can they also be started from my point in the game?
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#2LordTrinenPosted 6/26/2013 7:28:31 AM
Nope, don't need a new save. If you have already completed the main questline then download DB and try fast traveling to a couple places. Wait a few moments to see if a group of Cultists attack you. This will trigger the Dragonborn questline. Or you can go straight to the Windhelm docks and take the boat to Solstheim.

The same applies to the other DLC. No starting over required to use them.