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"Now you're just trying to piss me off!" I wipe the blood from my face and sheathe Jetstream. I start welling magicka into it without making it obvious.

"This doesn't have to be this way, Apple..." I say honestly, then grin as I unsheathe Jetstream rapidly, sending a razor wind at Aplistia. There's no dodging this, at least completely.
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I levitate over the land. Instead of speeding up I match Travis's speed. "What do you think is going on?"

I could and try to avoid the hit, but I need to beat Vereez mentally too. I stretch out my arms and take the hit in full. My whole body has slashes on it and I bleed all over. Instead of showing the pain I look at Vereez in the eyes blankly and say "Is that the best you got?"
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As Zulla and Pristor were eating, I walked over to talk to Floyd.

''You speak to Gergio again?'' I asked him.
Floyd nodded. ''I did. And I think I know of a way to help him.''
''I'm going back to save him.''
''What do you mean?''
''I am going. Back. To save him.''
''I still don't...'' It took me a minute, but I understood, ''Wait... is that even possible?''
He shrugged. ''Dunno. But I wanna try. It's be a little experiment. But not now. Maybe after the feast or something. I'll work out the details later.''

Floyd got back to cooking. Save Gergio? In the past? Seems odd, but doable. Hmm, wonder what else can be altered...
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"Honestly, I've no idea. Normally if the men want something, they take it and two women don't scare a whole sect of a bandit clan, pirate crew or whatever. This must be something spectacular..."
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The elk was soon gone. The next thing I know was that Zulla was tickling me to death. I wish I could talk then I could tell her to stop.
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"Not even close, Apple." I said, sending a fireball at her. It barely missed her head, soaring past over the lake. Then it changed course, heading directly for Aplistia. It slammed into her back, exploding violently.

"Weren't quite ready for that, were you?" I said with a sneer as I backstepped away as she tumbled toward me. Homing fireballs were a great little toy...


"You want me to stop?" He nodded. "Okay!" This werecroc is such a nice guy.
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"Stop. Stop. St-..." I said. I didn't even realize I reverted. I went out to get my stuff where I captured our Thalmor prisoner. Everything was just how it was left. I got on my extra set of Thieves Guild armor and returned to the kitchen.
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As I talked to Vereez I felt my mind quickly go blank, seems like I passed out...but how...

I saw nine giant shrines, each of the divines, surround me.
"Dark Crusader, we've been expecting you" I heard the first giant shrine say.

Elixium- ugh, another dream-
Julianos- this is no dream, this is a message, to you, from us
Akotosh- you are no longer a fit crusader
Elixium- why excactly?
Mora- you slaughtered innocents!
Talos- you defied me!
Elixium- I know...I know...
Talos- a replacement crusader must be found
Elixium- then why is this my problem?
Akotosh- you will find the next crusader
Elixium- what!? This isn't my problem! You find the next crusader!
Julianos- we are preparing to offer a trade for a new crusader

I mumbled
"What's the offer?"
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"I'll be outside of Chorrol. Just need some fresh air!" I said to the group in the kitchen. I left the kitchen and went outside the gate of Chorrol.
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Eleanor had arrived at Chorrol, eager to leave the Dark Brotherhood. Business had risen but the High Rock Brotherhood began to weaken, the local militia unhappy with the assassination of many nobles.

She had been told to speak to the speaker of Chorrol, Pristor. An Argonian, apparantly.
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