Enemies respawning in "safe" locations (small spoilers)

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Though I've been playing since release I've only recently been experimenting with the "safe" locations to store stuff. Anise's Cabin near Riverwood is a really good one. The Abandoned House in Markarth is also good because it is easy to access and has a ton of storage.

Now I'm turning my eye to certain dungeons or other dwellings, most of which have enemies patrolling the interior and/or exterior.

I'm assuming since the interior never respawns none of the enemies inside will respawn as well. What about outside? Will I have to worry about a new group of bandits moving in periodically in front of my new home? Or will it also remain clear once I've cleaned out the interior?

One area I've read about that sounds good is Cracked Tusk Keep. Another that caught my eye is, surprisingly, the Goldenglow Estate. That would be an interesting idea. I could roleplay a character who decides to take over the honey business by waltzing in and slaughtering everyone. Are there any unowned beds in this place? Can I even enter the estate without starting the related Thieves Guild mission?
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Concerning Golden Glow, I don't think you are supposed to be able to access it before joining the Thieves' Guild, but I'm about to give it a shot. Let you know real quick.
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#3obishawnPosted 7/2/2013 9:11:37 PM
UESP says:

Before the related quest is activated, the door to Goldenglow Estate will be locked and the whole area is protected by invisible walls. A mercenary is guarding the main gate. However, he won't turn hostile to you unless being attacked.

I'm still going to check anyway.
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For Goldenglow, none of the NPCs respawn. The only hiccup is that some new mercenaries will spawn in the first floor of the estate interior when you reenter the second and third times - should be six total including the ones that are previously there, so just keep exiting and reentering until you've killed them all and no new ones respawn.

And fair warning, the dresser next to the master bed on the second floor is NOT safe for storage. All the other containers I've tested are good though. And make sure to get the gate key off one of the outside mercs, otherwise you'll never get the front gate open.

For Cracked Tusk, none of the generic NPCs in either the interior or exterior respawn. Ghunzul himself respawns, but I believe he is non-hostile after the quest is over.

EDIT I'd recommend Goldenglow. On my last character I made a fortress there (complete with a small army of hang-around NPCs) and it was great. Definitely not lacking for space to spread out.

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Wreck of the Ice Runner according to UESP

I sometimes consider making a pirate like character but still haven't decided what skills I would want to use. Always thought the Ice Runner would be a perfect HQ.
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So, no luck on the pre-Loud and Clear quest entry.
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#7obishawnPosted 7/2/2013 10:23:29 PM

After Telrav's Request, it is almost perfect! Safe storage, 18 storage containers, beds to sleep in, outstanding view, good location. No crafting tables though.
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#8LordTrinen(Topic Creator)Posted 7/3/2013 7:04:24 AM
Shame you apparently can't enter Goldenglow before the Thieves Guild quest. The character I was planning on using it with wasn't going to join the Thieves Guild. Oh well.

I remember Nilheim. Though I've only been able to get that Telrav's Request quest to trigger once. Maybe I was just coming from the wrong direction or something? I'll have to experiment.

Using the Ice Runner as a base... That could be a good idea, especially for a thief character. It is isolated and no one will expect anyone to be living there.

And your saying Ghunzul respawns in Cracked Tusk Keep? What's the point of that? Especially if you've already completed the quest he's connected to?
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LordTrinen posted...
And your saying Ghunzul respawns in Cracked Tusk Keep? What's the point of that? Especially if you've already completed the quest he's connected to?

There's a number of supposedly-unique NPCs who are actually just renamed generics, and therefore respawn. These include Ghunzul, Sebastian Lort, Movarth Piquine, and (post-patch) Rigel Strong-Arm (though her respawn timer is 30 days, so she is effectively a perma-corpse provided that you don't leave her in a cell longer than 30 days without visiting).

And you'll find Telrav on the road at the bridge leading to Nilheim, further down the mountain - I missed him on my first playthrough as well because I just swam across the lake to the tower.
Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.