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3 years ago#1
Rules are:
1.No taking control of other peoples characters, saying stuff like "the guards spot and kill Vallus" is not allowed
2. Don't post once and leave, your needed.
3. Stay in character, act like you stated what your character acts like, do what you'd think your character would do etc.
4. If you wish to approve of something that can change the story in a major way, do it over a private message with the person you are doing it with and me. This way, a decision like killing someones character is taken care of professionally and not through arguments. You can send private messages by clicking on a users name and hitting "send PM" on the right hand side.
5. You can have multiple characters if you have shown you are a regular to the game. (4 max)
6. When posting for the first time or with a new character in the main thread, take the page your characters info is on this thread and link it in your first post along with your characters name so we all know who you are.
7. There is a limit of 4 arcs at once (great war, and 3 random ones) small groups of people (1-2) do not count as an arc.
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3 years ago#2

"HEY! Lykos! Good to see ya! I was worried that you got killed back when you disappeared from Floyd, myself, and that other guy!" I called to him as I finished my cake.
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3 years ago#3
I try my best to smile at Zulla. "Your birthday huh? I'm sorry Zulla I didn't know."

I respond to Silver. "Nah, I would tell you what happened but I don't want to spoil your appetite."
"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf****** dragons in this motherf****** game!"
3 years ago#4

''Huh? What about getting killed?'' Vallus asked, ''Floyd? What'd you guys end up doing again?''
I shrugged. ''Er... nothing, just... some talk.''
''Hmph. Well good to see you again Lykos.'' Vallus said before eating more of his cake.

I breathed a sigh of relief.
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3 years ago#5
Zulla (Human):

"Well, I think I have more than enough presents...." I said s I ate my cake.

"So, uncle, Lykos, you went out and did things? What kind of things?"


The lich growled, and then cast a sort of illusion spell in both me and the khajiit, and we both clutched our heads in pain as information poured into us. When he next spoke, even in his strange Alyeid tongue, we understood.

"I ask again. What year is it?" It growled viciously.

"4e174...." He didn't understand the meaning behind it, despite the fact I was speaking his language.

"You! Slave! You will serve me! And you... islander..." He looked over at me. "You shall serve as my bride. Do not fret, little one. I shall grant you power beyond reckoning...."

I looked to the khajiit and spoke our normal tongue, so the lich may not understand.

We must experience Sadness, Anger, Joy and Happiness.
Only then you will know your role in life.
3 years ago#6

I looked at the monster in front of me, shocked at how I could understand.. Is this my imagination? Am I finally losing it? No... no... Not me... This must be real... "Truce.. but when we get out of here, I ain't going to jail." I responded. I looked at the creature in front of us and smiled. Then I shouted, "HEY UGLY!! I haven't stayed alive this long, just to become some as*-faced dou**ebag's slave!" I said to the creature in it's own language. I spit at it's face and chuckled at it's anger. I just hope I didn't screw myself right there... I mean, it looks angry.. Though that might just be because of it's ugliness.
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3 years ago#7
"Took care of some pirates. Met old friends and made new enemies. Made a deal with a Daedra. Normal stuff. Oh, and if you guys hear about a hurricane off the coast of Hammerfell it is nothing to worry about."
"Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf****** dragons in this motherf****** game!"
3 years ago#8

I laughed. "No need to bashful, Lykos. I remember way back about... Fifty years ago... Caused a pretty big forest fire Elswyr. Made the news all over..."


"What? I took out a few Dominion forts that way. All and all a good day, really."

"Ergh..." Zulla sighed and finished her cake.


While he was looking over at the housecat, I summoned a frost bear familiar behind it, asnd it attacked, clawing his back and biting into him. He turned around and roared obscenities as he slammed hhis fist into his head, killing it. Heh.

There was a loud explosion of frost and icy shrapnel as the bear familiar exploded. The lich itself flew back, but it righted itself and, then turned into a bolt of lightning, becoming one with the storm clouds above.

"This is gonna suck... You know what, I don't even want your bounty anymore..." I told the khajiit as three bolts cane down, conjuring a trio of storm atronachs.
We must experience Sadness, Anger, Joy and Happiness.
Only then you will know your role in life.
3 years ago#9
I raised my sword and summoned a flame atronach. I was pretty surprised at the stranger's statement. "Are you sure... it's a lot of money" I said, chuckling. The flame atronach attacked one of the storm beasts. I launched a few ice spikes at another one of the lightning creatures, then slashed it with my sword.. bad idea... the electricity surged through my sword and shocked me. I still dealt some damage though, and that was good enough for me. "You're right.. this is gonna suck.." The storm atronach shot me with chain lightning, shocking all of us "GAH!" This is why I hate monsters...
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3 years ago#10

I felt to my knees. That's some potent stuff.... I cast telekinesis on a pair of welkynd stones on the walls and brought one to me. I tossed the other to the khajiit. I sapped the magic from it, casting a powerful healing spell on myself, then sending a long-range one at my unlikely comrade.

With the rest of the stone's power, I created three flaming wolf familiars, each one charging the atronachs. The one that was already wounded went down in the explosion. Another explosion wounded the second, and the third put it's opponent down before it got close enough... Damn.... I cast Hijack on it, and it became mine.

"You belong to me now, b****!" I growled as I set my atronach upon the one still under the liches control. It's attacks combined with the ones from the flame atronach made short work of it.

When the lich came back down. I noticed it looked... stronger? It had some meat on it's bones... no matter, I charged a power Turn Undead spell and sent it at the monster. It clutched it's head in agony as it tried to overcome the compulsion.

"He's rocked, take him!" I said as I sent my atronach after it.
We must experience Sadness, Anger, Joy and Happiness.
Only then you will know your role in life.

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