Can priests/priestesses get married?

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2 years ago#1
Can priests/priestesses get married in the ES universe? Or are they sworn to celibacy?

Edit: Would like to know this information for all religions too. Mostly want to know for the Nine Divines, but would also like to know Daedric, etc.
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2 years ago#2
There's a list of marriage options at the UESP wiki.

I doubt they take a vow of celibacy. Especially the Dibellans.
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2 years ago#3
Celibacy has little to do with marriage tbqh.
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2 years ago#4
Haven't gotten to the marriage part yet, do they consummate?
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2 years ago#5
The real question is can priest adopt children in Skyrim?
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2 years ago#6
The Dibela priestesses can be married by the player, although there is a bug with Orla and she won't move in with you. Funny how they never patched this, there is nothing the player can do about it but they patched crap like asking the wood elf his opinion of Maven over and over to grind speech. A bug that if the player does not wish to encounter they can simply not ask him over and over.

In the temple of Mara, Maramol and the Dark Elf priestess are married, in a conversation between her and another NPC it is revealed that she is pregnant.
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  3. Can priests/priestesses get married?

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