Kirito (Sword Art Online) build. Kind of fun

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2 years ago#1
Still seeing how much I can twist the game and figured I'd toss in Kirigawa Kazuto into Skyrim to see how it came out. Then it hit me!

Dark Brotherhood=Laughing Coffin
Blades=Knights of the Blood Oath
Companions=that first group that Kirito joins before he loses it and decides to go solo after losing two partners. Remember in the Companions
two big members of the companions die

Although Sword Art Online didn't have magic I think Kirito would have been a spellsword if there were any. So I'm doing dual wielding and spellsword styles for him in this. It's moving at an interesting pace. Although he is going to have almost no blocking abilities unless I'm just using one sword, I'll have his speed make up for it. Leather armor all the way for now until I decide on a better fit.

Wood elf for race.

For dual wielding I'm looking to use an ebony blade and Chillrend.

Shouts look like they will have to be:
Elemental Fury
Whirlwind sprint
Eyes turned to sand...bleh
2 years ago#2
Chillrend is a good choice, but the ebony blade is a two handed weapon so I'd go with a daedric sword since it looks similar to one of his. For armor, I'd definitely say light is the way to go and to pick up the nightingale set since it looks the like his outfit. After he gets out of SAO and joins ALO, he picks up some illusion magic, so you might want to consider picking that up as well.
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2 years ago#3
There is a one handed ebony blade too. I wonder what kind of enchant I should give it to name it Elucidator.

Thanks for the illusion tip! I'll need that, yeah...
Nightinggale armor? Oh dear, looks like I'm joining the thieves guild on the side. Alright.
Eyes turned to sand...bleh
2 years ago#4
Judging from the character pic profile. The Thalmor robes unhooded, look like an excellent choice of dress for him. I can mimic his fast health regen and high health points using a high enchanted silver necklace(plain). I'm shooting for 150% health regen.
Eyes turned to sand...bleh
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  3. Kirito (Sword Art Online) build. Kind of fun

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