so...roggvir is an idiot...

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1 year ago#1
I saved him from execution, killing off every guard and the headsman. only to have him run to the stairs by the armorer and cower until they respawned and proceeded to kill him. I've become a wanted man for nothing.
1 year ago#2
You were at Roggvir's execution. Nasty piece of business, that.
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1 year ago#3
He is destined to die. You can't fight destiny.
1 year ago#4
Sometimes he just spontaneously drops dead after you save him.
1 year ago#5
he's not supposed to be savable. Thus his AI when you try is really wonky.
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1 year ago#6
I really wanted him to make it out of there....the man only opened a gate. If solitudes jarl killed ulfric in the fight and tried to flee and he opened the gate, they'd think him a hero
1 year ago#7
He's a Nord. He can't help that he's an idiot.
1 year ago#8
Moras grasp??? Anyone try this.
1 year ago#9
The way I would have liked the whole thing to go. Rogvir gets sacked from the guards. Starts hanging about the Winking Skeever talking about how useless the guards in Solitude are. Then after the Battle for Solitude he would become Captain of the Guards.
He isn't as cool as Sinmir is but I do like the guy for saving the High King from execution.
1 year ago#10
what's the point of saving such a worthless NPC?

he doesn't sell anything and can't be a follower so who cares...
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  3. so...roggvir is an idiot...

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