I finally found Esbern after 100+ real-time hours

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I finished the main quest but could find esbern in sky haven temple. I wanted to talk to him cuz I read you talk to him and he gives you some spiel about defeating aludin. Well he was no where to be found and I eventually forgot about the fact that he has disappeared from my game.

Well I finally got around to killing this dragon that was a miscellaneous quest item I received very early on in the game, I got a new objective to speak to esbern and I found him on my map in helgen. I fast travel there and he is just standing outside of the locked gate and when I Talked to him I got no menu options, he just spoke some words. So I opened the gate, killed the bandits and then waited an hour and he was back at sky haven temple. So when I traveled there and talked to him I finally got a menu option to tell him that I killed the dragon. Then he gave me a reward and now he is back.
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Thanks for the update, i was really worried.
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say what? why whas he in helgen.
WHAT is spiel
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200what posted...
say what? why whas he in helgen.
WHAT is spiel

It's a word. Seriously dude, there are hundreds of dictionary websites.

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It's half a bloated film director.
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I know other people had glitches where they couldn't find esbern or some random character. They think their game is glitched, and maybe this technically is, but maybe the person you can't find is just in some random part of the world. I think esbern was walking from the greybeard area cuz I did season unending before I finished the main quest. So he was walking home for 100 real time hours and got stuck at helgen