ES RP Main Thread (The Dragon Crisis) Part 33

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Da Rules are:
1.No taking control of other people's characters, saying stuff like, "The guards spot and kill Vallus" is not allowed.
2. Don't post once and leave, you're needed.
3. Stay in character, act like you stated what your character acts like, do what you'd think your character would do etc.
4. If you wish to approve of something that can change the story in a major way, do it over a private message with the person you are doing it with and me. This way, a decision like killing someones character is taken care of professionally and not through arguments. You can send private messages by clicking on a users name and hitting "send PM" on the right hand side.
5. You can have multiple characters if you have shown you are a regular to the game. (4 max)
6. When posting for the first time or with a new character in the main thread, take the page your character's info is on this thread and link it in your first post along with your character's name so we all know who you are.
7. There is a limit of 4 arcs at once, small groups of people (1-2) do not count as an arc
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I laughed a bit at Luna showing off like that. "Nice trick. Completely impractical, but nice."
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Aimee mounted her own horse. "Shall we be off, then?"
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Awhile later Chalone woke, yawning.

''Did you really sit there all last night?'' She asked me.
''Yes,'' I replied, still sitting cross-legged on the ground by the bed. ''Sometimes I just sit to clear my head. Would have done it when I was out hunting, but I didn't want to leave you alone.''
''Uh huh. Instead you should have used your time to clean yourself off.''
''I'm not that bad Chalone.''
''Yes you are,'' she got out of bed, ''If you shook yourself off you could probably fill a small planter with dirt. Come on, get up, I'm hungry anyway.''

I sighed and stood up, then led Chalone outside into the Stormcloak camp.

''So what happens now?'' Chalone asked. ''With Riften that is. I'm sure the Counts have changed now.''
''They're Jarls, not Counts. And I could not care less about what happens to this place. It could burn down and I would not blink.''
''Why? It's your home.''
''The Rift is my home, not Riften. Karoman...'' I paused for a moment. ''He always said this place was special. And I believed him. It is special. I just hope that, in some time, the Rift can recover from the war and go back to the way it used to be. Maybe someday Bjord will reform the pack here.''
''Hope so. Wait, who's Bjord?''
''Karoman's successor logically, unless someone challenged him. Good man and a close friend. After Karoman was... murdered he must have led the pack away. Telanara told me the pack dissolved, but that was months ago. I have no idea where they are now.''
''So have you ever thought of finding them? Ask more about Karoman-''
''Can we not talk about this anymore?'' I snapped angrily.
''Okay, I'm sorry.''
''No... damn, sorry I snapped,'' I said quietly, yet sincerely. We just walked quietly from then on. Karoman's murder at the hands of the Stormcloaks still made me furious. And now, I was working with them.
You move like an insect. You think like an insect. You ARE an insect.
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We set off towards Dawnstar. The cold air and falling snow only got worse the closer to Dawnstar we got, until we eventually rode into a full blown blizzard.

"Are you okay?" I whispered to Tealia.
"Mmm." She merely nodded her head as she clung to me.

The blizzard grew harsh... "S***..." I couldn't see in front of myself anymore. "AIMEE! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" I couldn't see a thing... she might be next to me, and I wouldn't even know it.
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"Yes!" she called out, to his left. "I'm fine!" Aimee herself struggled through the snow, pushing on despite the freezing conditions. It's just a bit of snow, she thinks. Could be worse.
"Are you a messenger? Or the killer at my door?"- 10 Years, And All The Other Colors
This is my book, and I'm gonna read it!
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I leveled my self with the vampire beast and let out a sly chuckle. "Ogrim? Well summoner you're pulling out all the stops." I wonder how this battle will proceed once the sun dawns on us vampire..."

I twirled my bound scythe into the air before stabbing it into the ground, releasing a blizzard spell from the center of the strike and expanding outwards. "That outa handle further summons." I growled to myself. The scythe shortly dissipated back into oblivion from the power of the spell. I summoned a blade as the ogrim slowly shuffled over to me, it's skin slowly peeling from ice shards and the shear cold now enshrouding the battlefield.
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Manus (Weremanticore)

I heard yelling... male and female voices. I couldn't quite make out what they were saying over the wind and snow... but I heard them nonetheless.

I was now levitating, as I had cast Levitation on myself after catching Mayus, or his duplicate, off guard and trapping him in that closed off prison of ice.

I caught a familiar scent... two familiar scents...

Marcus. Perfect. I smiled to myself. But I was also concerned with the silence on Mayus' end. Still, a Paladin would come in handy right now.
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Valthar (Lord Form):

I flew over the blizzard, tossing a healing bolt at my Ogrim as it approached, and summoned two clannfear directly behind Barilzar, hoping to distract him. He's right, I have to make this quick, but I do have hours, he can't last that long.
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The cowardly vampire took back to the aerial battlefield, leaving me to deal with his summons. With a few hand gestures, the wisps swarmed the ogrim. They'd whittle him down while I dealt with the clanfear.

I quickly turned before one had tried to charge me down. I grabbed it by its horn-like beak with my free hand as it pushed me back into the fort's back wall. A quick side stab through its neck bled it quickly, and even though they weren't doing any significant damage, the stamina drain my wisps were inflicting on the ogrim kept me at peak condition.

I readied my blade for the next clanfear and rushed towards it.
"I punch babies furiously on the streets of Vancouver"- Northernlion 2013