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So I'm relatively new to the game, but I'm confused about something. (Archived)ajko000211/18/2011
I know this isn't on the Xbox, but you still might enjoy it. (Archived)Omnipotent_Cow111/18/2011
Best freeze of the game so far.. *dark brotherhood SPOILERS* (Archived)MedicFromHell111/18/2011
where can i get new words for my shouts? (Archived)realgamer_89411/18/2011
Stealth Orc ( u heard right ) light or heavy armor? (Archived)
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Followers have "lives" (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
My 3rd person view has changed from the pulled back to over shoulder..... (Archived)
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so i heard i can train sneak easily by sneak attacking the greybeards (Archived)lunajenny111/18/2011
This game has the best sky (Archived)Whyte Folkz811/18/2011
Need some help getting into the College of Winterhold. (Archived)
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Can you go from the light armor smithing and go right to daedric? (Archived)Jupacu411/18/2011
What's the max amount of Perks you can get? (Archived)PrincessDeath13711/18/2011
Skyrim hot spots (Archived)VulcanHades811/18/2011
Tips for duel wielding character? (Archived)darkmoney52711/18/2011
DragonPriests (Archived)Kinslayer20401011/18/2011
Awsome or Awful? (Archived)3sleider3911/18/2011
Using shouts in town? *spoilers maybe* (Archived)
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just had a WHAT THE HELL moment (spoilers, not really, early main quest part) (Archived)Kwolski211/18/2011
button to get out of yngol barrow not working (Archived)galaxysiege511/18/2011
Anyone else chop tons of wood to buy the house? (Archived)Devistro511/18/2011
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