Shouting makes people nervous. Who'da thought?

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5 years ago#1
So I'm in Whiterun running my way back and forth from the Wizard to Belethor's just trying to sell some stuff. I keep using the Whirlwind Sprint for a little extra speed and about 20 Shouts later, a guard stops me and basically says "Hey, I'm gonna need you to stop shouting. It's making the people around here... nervous."

There was no penalty or fine I had to pay for all the harmless Shouting, I just found it hilarious. Anyone else experience this yet?
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5 years ago#2
I Whirlwind my way around the game, so I get it quite often. They'll arrest you if you deny them twice, I think.
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5 years ago#3
Well...can you blame them for getting nervous?

You are not doing a normal shout, you are using a shout that for all intents and purposes, will kill someone if you are careless.

Didn't you find that out while talking to the greybeards? That's why nobody up there talks, because their words will kill people.
5 years ago#4
Wait, the Whirlwind Sprint is capable of dealing damage?
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5 years ago#5
Well technically, i don't think it does, i have yet tried to hurt someone with it, but if it doesn't, that's just for gameplay purposes.

In reality, imagine how fast you are going, now imagine hitting someone, or think of the POWER that word has.

These are words of power, not just words that are shouted, and in the world of the elder scrolls, these words, any of them will kill people.
5 years ago#6
Too true. I'll later unlock some more shouts and see if any of the "harmless" ones, like Slow Time, makes the villagers uncomfortable.
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5 years ago#7
The default shout is hilarious IMO.

I love sneaking up behind people and going "BOO!" and watching them jump.
5 years ago#8
You should use a shout in each city at least once. You'll get letters from "friends" who noticed you using them, and you'll get info on where more dragon walls are to learn more words of power.
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5 years ago#9
theres one that turns you into a ghost or something.


5 years ago#10
This post will probably contain some small SPOILERS***

But, IIRC, didn't that Stormcloak guy "shout" a Jarl to death? I'm literally one quest into the game, but Alvor the Blacksmith told me the rumors are that a Jarl died by being shouted at "if the rumors are true" or something. So the people of Skyrim are probably already on-edge about jerks running around screaming. And the fact that they do stuff like zap through the air at super-speed probably doesn't ease their minds all that much, either.


But yeah, I'm not very far, just past Bleak Falls. So I'm assuming the rest of the game has some more info as to why shouts would scare the pants off townsfolk.
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  3. Shouting makes people nervous. Who'da thought?

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