No Dragon Soul Issue.

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User Info: EdgejrIII

5 years ago#1
My first time not recieving a Dragon soul, I was like "wtf my game's broke, I better not have to restart all over" so I came online to see if anyone else was having the problem.

Some said that it was because an NPC dealt the final blow, I recieved a soul when that happened to me, so that was crossed off the list.

Some said it was because the body was looted before it burned into bones, but I did that too and recieved a soul.

I read a lot of theories, but the one that seemed true was that it wasn't a bug. So I tested it, and I came up with this.

1. Random Dragon encounters will ALWAYS produce a dragon's soul, no matter the type.

2. You cannot recieve a soul from the same dragon type, of a dragon's lair, that you had killed in that spot previously. i.e. If you killed a Blood Dragon at that dragon's lair before, you cannot get a soul by killing a Blood Dragon at that same lair.

3. Dragons respawn at a lair in order of type and your level. It goes; Dragons, Blood Dragons, Frost Dragons, Elder Dragons, then Ancient Dragons.

(There are 2 types for each dragon types, Fire and Ice, but I haven't been able to determine if you can kill a Fire, then an Ice of the same type and recieve a soul from both.)

If you kill a Dragon at a lair, then level up and come back, a Blood Dragon will spawn, level up more, come back to the lair, and a Frost Dragon will spawn, etc...but if you kill a Dragon at level 10, then come back to it's lair at level 10 again, a Dragon will respawn and you will not recieve a soul this time.

User Info: dillonthebunny

5 years ago#2
i had a fight with an ancient dragon tonight... he was kicking my arse, then for some reason he got.up.. snd flew in to a bandit stronghold... they killed him, i got the soul and bones.. and killed the bandits, they were far easier.

anyway... i just killed a dragon and for the first time i didnt get a soul. i thought i had previously got souls for killing repeat respawned dragons, but maybe im mistaken. i thought that its possible that i may have all the souls for.the remaining shouts in the game... that being 8 left?

but i wont know for sure until i kill more dragons.
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User Info: EdgejrIII

5 years ago#3
With all the dragon fights, it plays tricks on your memory. I was the same way, I could have sworn I killed certain dragons more than twice and still recieved a soul, so I started to write down a list of the types of dragons I've killed, and what lairs I've killed them at.

User Info: Impi

5 years ago#4
We had an experience which would tend to support your theory. At a dragon shrine for some reason there were 2 dragons up at once. We killed the first one and got the soul but the second dragon kill did not release a soul.

User Info: tenchisama

5 years ago#5
I killed a blood dragon at the college and got it's soul. I proceeded with the game and leveled up some more, and elder dragon spawned there and I killed it. I did not get it's soul. Happened with the bounty dragon, too, but I honestly don't remember the type of dragon of if I even killed that dragon before.
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User Info: Atair

5 years ago#6
Last night I finally experienced the issue where the dragon doesn't yield a soul. I thought that it started when I was sneaking up on a giant and two mammoths, and an ancient dragon attacked at the same time. For some reason, that dragon just crashed down to the earth and died, and it gave me a soul. I did not even fire an arrow at it as it was still too far away, so I don't know why it died.

I then fought two frost dragons, and neither of these gave me a soul. This had never happened before, and now its happened with the last two dragons that I've actually killed. Hopefully my game is not bugged beyond repair, because I still have a long way to go.
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