Being a werewolf and having a follower

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User Info: nyxavenger

5 years ago#1
Are there any followers you can have that will be ok with you turning into a werewolf? I know that changing form in front of an NPC is considered a crime, and that some followers take extreme issues with criminal activity. I was just curious to see if any one else had tried transforming in front of a follower, an what the reaction was. Thanks.

User Info: AmoryFighter

5 years ago#2
I transformed numerous times with Lydia as my follower, and nothing happened.

User Info: CapnBread

5 years ago#3
I started that quest and turned into the werewolf and it placed me outside the underforge and Lydia was fine with me till I did the shout ability as the werewolf, then she booked it. I reloaded at that point haha, not really big on the werewolf ability right now.
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User Info: SupahSonicTurtl

5 years ago#4
No companion will attack you if you turn into a werewolf.
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User Info: cirus 7

cirus 7
5 years ago#5
followers do not have any problems with you transforming into a werewolf, however some followers will become unhappy with you if you break any laws, which could be turning in a populated area and having guards become hostile.

as far as the howl and followers running away, i think that only happens if your follower is noticeably weaker then you, in terms of level. when i had farkas with me and uses a howl when transformed, it gave me a message saying something along the lines of him being too powerful to be affected by it.
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  3. Being a werewolf and having a follower

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