Can you change what Lydia is wearing?

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5 years ago#1

just wondering. i never really use her cuz id rather not have to worry about her dying or something. i was just wondering if you could make her change her clothes or something so she doesnt look like some butch chick and looks more suited to just chilling at my Whiterun home.

5 years ago#2
i think they only equip better stuff so try enchanting some stuff then giving it to her if she doesnt wear it reverse pickpocket
hail sithis
5 years ago#3

wait what? sorry dont really understand what you mean. i know i can give her stuff but how do u make her change what shes wearing?

5 years ago#4
just give her stuff and if its better then what she has equiped she will equip it if not pickpocket her armor and give her the clothes you want her to wear
hail sithis
5 years ago#5
Certain followers will equip new armor/clothes etc depending on what you give them.

This will give them a new look.

Although any woman dressed in armor wielding a sword and bow could hardly be called feminine.
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5 years ago#6
make her say the I'm sworn to carry your burden and then give her the armor, if armor is better than her current, she will equip it automatically. Deadric Armor set look damn good on her.
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5 years ago#7

oh so you can't make her wear like normal clothes? i dont use her so id like her to not look like a butch lesbian in my house lol.

5 years ago#8
when shes just chilling around your house though, she changes back to her default outfit.
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5 years ago#9
just improve som fur armor past her steel armor and give it to her.
The Pixies. |
5 years ago#10
What's super irritating is that my Lydia refuses to use the best weapon in her inventory. I give her an improved version of the same weapon she's been using and she'll stick with the vanilla version. I have to take her weapon away from her to get her to equip the better one.
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  3. Can you change what Lydia is wearing?

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