trinity restored... um.. bugged?

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5 years ago#1
I'm at the part were i'm suposed to meet her to become a nightinggale, but she doesnt show up. found her at winterhold inn but she just says hmm.
this bugs me as it locks me out of not only gaining a daedric arifact but fiunishing the thieves guild questline.
5 years ago#2
"Karliah will sometimes go back to the Winterhold Inn where you have met to decrypt Gallus' journal. It's related to the bug in the quest Hard Answers where the stages will not update. To solve this problem simply redo the quest step by step. The quest will reactivate an has to be solved again." from

this is all I could find on it, sorry if it doesn't help any
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5 years ago#3
well i found enthir or whatever his name back in the inn he acted as thou i never brought the translation, when to the hold, calcemo didn't have his convo but his nephew was gone, entered his dungeo no guards but i could run straight threw, and hard answers restarted.... well now i got the translation again so.. have to redo a 1/4th of the quest line again.
5 years ago#4
karliah still just keeps saying, hmm?
5 years ago#5
anyone have any ideas?
5 years ago#6
any clues?
5 years ago#7
5 years ago#8
5 years ago#9
I'm having the same problem on the XBOX 360 Version. I was attempting to do the "Trinity Restored" quest after getting distracted and doing a bunch of other quests. I went to the standing stone to meet Karliah, but she was nowhere to be found. So I followed instructions I found on another site to re-do the "Hard Answers" quest.

When I got to the part in the basement where Enthir translates the journal from Falmer for me, it now says I need to speak to Karliah. She is standing right next to him in the basement and the only reply she ever says is "Hmm?" I tried reloading saves about 20 times with no luck.

Any one else experience this bug and do you know if there is an easy fix? I'm just going to skip the quest for now until I smash my copy of Skyrim.
5 years ago#10
i'm tried killing her, shes essential so she just crouches into i'm hurt, ive shouted her around the room, even to the door thinking i could get her to exit.. nope. i think we are stuck till either bethesda fixes it or we do a new game.
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