how many jobs from vex and delvin

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I've been doing thieves guild jobs for vex and delvin forever I've got two special assignments from delvin. One from Tonilia. None from vex. I've finished the main quest line for this guild. I was told that I was in favor to be the new guildmaster and when I get back to riften that I would be appointed new guildmaster. But when I got back he can't talk to me now. Since then I've did plenty of jobs for delvin and vex. Plus two special assignments for delvin and one special assignment for Tonilia. What gives? Thanks in advance.
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You probably are ready to become guild master. It should be in your quest line after you complete the special assignment in Whiterun. After that go talk to Byenoff(or whatever his name is, second in command). He will be in the training room in the guild.
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If you're talking about the job in whiterun where I had to change the prisoner name the yeah I already did that and still nothing
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You have to do 4 special assignments from Delvin. There is one for : Markarth, Solitude, Whiterun, Windhelm.

You also need to have completed the actual questline. I.E *SPOILER* Returning the Skeleton key to Nocturnal.

Then talk to Brynjolf
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you get each special job from completely 5 missions in that region, such as doing 5 jobs in solitude. If they are giving you jobs from regions where you have already finished the special mission, or for riften, just quit it and then get another mission.
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