Maurice Jondrelle or, the Bane of My Existance

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5 years ago#1
I've got this system, see?

When I played Oblivion I felt like I ruined it for myself cause I just kinda wandered, dungeon crawled, and did side quests. By the time I got around the the main quest I had all the best equipment and everything was either way too easy or insanely difficult. It's also pretty difficult to rationalize being attacked by bandits in glass or ebony armour...

So, when I got Skyrim I developed this system for my approach. I'd try to stay on task and only do side quests that were not far from the main questline. If the destination for a quest was on the other side of the globe, I'd save it for when I got there as part of the main quest.

This is where things went down hill.

I'd been storing my crap I want to keep in the blacksmiths basement at Riverwood as (as far as I know) the containers are safe there. So, after being told to go to the Throat of the World, I headed there to unload some crap. Then I took a look at my quest markers and noticed that, as part of the The Blessings of Nature, Orphan Rock was pretty close. So I made my way over there, got the Nettlebane.

I make my way back to Riverwood, drop off what I want to keep and run over to Whiterun with the intention of dropping off the knife and heading out to the Throat. But lo and behold, when I do so one Maurice Jondrelle is there and asks to tag along when I head out to the Eldergleam Sanctuary. Sure, I tell him, I don't mind. In the back of my head I'm thinking 'No biggy, I'll just tell him to wait here till I'm ready,' but noooooooooo. The jerk doesn't take any commands. He just rudely asks what's taking so long or if we're there yet.

So great, now I have another moron following me (the other being Sven who sucks at sneaking and likes to get stuck on rocks). Whatever, he can just come with me to the Throat. But wait, there is more! See that wolf over there? Maurice is going to take him on! Oh, and that bear he just aggro'd? He'll take him to. Oh, and now he's dead. Did I mention it's permanent?

After a reload I decide I'll have to abandon my system and take the jerk to the Sanctuary and thus disappears two days of my life. That's right, it took me two days of wandering the wilderness, fast traveling to caves/inns to save (trying to keep my save file small), and about a dozen reloads because he aggro'd something, before we got to Sanctuary.

Needless to say, after getting the sapling and saving, I shanked him to death with the Needlebane. Jerk. | |
5 years ago#2
I was pretty irked that he insisted in tagging along instead of just meeting me there like any normal NPC.

Anyway, I was right outside of Rorikstead with him when 2 dragons attacked at the same time. I have no idea where he is, but I doubt he's alive.
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5 years ago#3
Oh yeah, I can't begin to count the number of times I'd run along for a while then check behind me only to find Sven. Where did Maurice go? No idea, time to reload. One of the almost funny occurances was when I rode some rapids down a waterfall. I dragged myself out and onto the bank and waited a few minutes. Eventually Sven turned up trying to swim upstream to me but Maurice never did. What a wuss. | |
5 years ago#4
Anyone else have hilarious Maurice Jondrelle stories? Or horror stories? | |
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