How do you yield?

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User Info: ChronoShot

5 years ago#1
I killed a chicken in Riverwood and now the entire village wants to murder me.

I mean, seriously. Are they in PETA or something?

User Info: NiakaiN

5 years ago#2

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

5 years ago#3
Lol its like everyone does that. XD but I also want an answer. Its not the same as in oblivion.
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User Info: traydon222

5 years ago#4
LMAO i did the same thing and then just started clicking on stuff and somehow yielded i think all u do is put ur weapon up and then click on them.. i think.

User Info: Brett8

5 years ago#5
Press R1 repeatedly when you have a sword equipped.

Repeat for each villager until they stop attacking you.

User Info: Eromuu

5 years ago#6
In Oblivion i think it was block+interact.
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User Info: shoe7ess

5 years ago#7
I posted the same question yesterday and there's an in game help guide, but it says to just sheathe your weapon, but it wasn't doing anything. I did the same xacr thing in White run, ended up just having to reload from an earlier save.
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