Mods for PS3 Skyrim!?? Read this!

#11Legendary_MusasPosted 11/13/2011 11:38:49 AM
Unreal Tournament 3 had PS3 mods.
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JGraves216 posted...
you asked for a comment, you didnt say a comment relating to what you said

Oh, Graves...

How is BSB?
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The only way I could see this working is if they used a system similar to little big planet where a seperate server is set up for you to upload and search mods and not directly on the PSN. The odds of Bethesda setting up a system like this are a million to 1 at best
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Legendary_Musas posted...
Unreal Tournament 3 had PS3 mods.

Well thats something. Who knows maybe in the future bethseda will make a change too. I hope people will pressure them enough.

Looking at the expanding User generated content of Infamous2 for instance, I would say that they may try to get into this trend...

#15kingdavidmPosted 11/14/2011 1:41:54 AM
UT3 mods were amazing, and you could basically just download them off the browser and the game would pick them up and run them. That was the only reason UT3 is still my most played game on PS3 (this game will beat it tho and oblivion I had on PC so it doesnt count)
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best mod:
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Kinny100 posted...
best mod:

die brony die!

just kidding

but it doesnt matter to me because there is no way sony would approve the mods i would really want to download anyway
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To be fair, they did approve on God of War and Heavy Rain's release, both which include nudity in their games.

I'll be happy if they give us any free user-made mods.

They'll probably wait until they've made their own DLC though, to prevent user-made mods from messing up with it. Not to mention that they already have their hands full fixing glitches with the vanilla game too.

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#19jubeioPosted 11/16/2011 4:21:40 AM

In an interview one of the creators said they will be trying to make it so that you can use the mods made for the PC release, but ytou have to download them off your pc and transfewr them


I can't remember where I heard this and not sure if they will manage but if they do

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If Sony can put a price tag on it they will consider it, if Microsoft can put a price tag on it they will do it without question.
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