Stuck in Misty Grove - A Night To Remember Quest

#1ZeillePosted 11/14/2011 6:22:44 PM
This is that drinking challenge quest, i'll try not to spoil.

During the last leg of this quest you get teleported to a place called Misty Grove and the Man you speak with there teleports you out. All good there. Quest finished normally.

Well, I went back to Morvunskar to nab a chest I saw right underneath the err "Mystical Gate Thingy" and got teleported again to Misty Grove. Note: the chest is directly underneath where the gate is (through the stone floor in a small alcove), so when attempting to get the chest, if you get too close you get auto-teleported.

And now I'm stuck. There is no way out. No fast travel allowed. The Man who teleports you out initially is gone and all that's there are those commoners drinking. :(

I've got a save relatively close to where I was, so not too big a deal to reload, but just wondering if there is actually a way out of there.
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#3Zeille(Topic Creator)Posted 11/15/2011 9:41:19 AM
After a little searching, it seems others have run into this too and there is indeed no way out if you go back to Misty Grove a second time.

So, beware if you plan on going back to Morvunskar after completing this quest.
#4Neysha16Posted 11/16/2011 1:44:17 AM
Yeah, ran into this problem as well and had to reload a save. Those chests are taunting me! I suppose the only way around it atm is to go to the fort before beginning that part of the quest.
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You can open the chest under the portal if you crouch and approach the chest slowly just to the point where you can touch the chest. You should take it very slowly to avoid going through the portal.
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I did the same thing except I went to retrieve my companion who didn't get teleported out with me. If I leave them for the three day waiting period are they gonna be able to walk out?

If i have to "wait" for 24 hours three times then thats three autosaves and I'll never get them back.
#7ksielPosted 11/18/2011 3:45:41 PM
Just for anyone in the future who gets here by Google and is also stuck in Misty Grove, who doesn't want to reload to a previous save:

1. Open up your console (it's ` on some keyboards, on others - it's the key located on the left of the number 1)

2. Type "coc Whiterun" without the double-quotes, and press Enter.

You will find yourself near Honningbrew Meadery, from which you can fast-travel onwards.
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^ Welcome to the PS3 board, a world without console commands.