Battle of Solitude- stuck

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5 years ago#1
This is the situation:

undergoing mission: "Battle of Solitude";
playing under the "Stormcloaks" campaign;
reached section where objective is to force General Tullius to surrender...

Currently stuck in building due to locked doors and do not have a key. General Tullius does not surrender: I keep "killing" him and he keeps getting back up; there is no option for any interaction.

... help?
5 years ago#2

Hello? The vast majority of current topics have been answered if anyone bothers to use a search engine... this however is currently not covered at all.
5 years ago#3
Getting the same problem for Pc, would love a fix as I don't have a save outside of solitude (That isn't from ~20hours ago) and I'm thus trapped in the quest, which isn't working :{
5 years ago#4
Go up the staircase in the northern courtyard:

Make a left:

Walk along the allure, there will be a door on your right labeled "Castle door":
5 years ago#5
Thats not the issue, its a problem inside the place, the NPC's don't react and you cant proceed because the General wont surrender or die. You also cant get out of the "Castle Dour" once its locked :<
5 years ago#6
Unfortunately I am unable to help you with this problem on ps3 ;(

But the solution to this on PC is to teleport outside using the command "coc Solitude" then return to the "Castle Dour" target either of the doors and use the "Unlock" command, spawning keys will not work but the "Unlock" command thankfully did.

When you enter after unlocking the sequence will begin..

Hopefully Bethesda patch this asap as it was a really awful bug and I can imagine its worse for console users seeing as they cant use my work around :(

Best of luck finding a solution!
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