Dragon Priest Masks and Helmets

#1KingofDeceit666Posted 11/15/2011 9:08:16 PM
Okay, so apparently the masks you get from defeating the dragon priests (the named lich things next to some dragon walls and other places) can be worn with at least one helmet in the game.

My question is, is it a glitch that I can wear both a Falmer helmet and a dragon priest mask, or can other helmets be worn with them as well? I've tried others, but so far the other ones just replace the mask, and can't be worn at the same time.

Is it just a glitch, then? Something is glitched, because every time I load a save, it shows my character wearing a Falmer helmet, but no mask, and an invisible head. I need to drop the helmet and pick it back up and equip it again to fix the invisible head problem.

So is it just a glitch with the Falmer helmet and dragon priest mask, or do more helmets work in conjunction with the masks?
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