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5 years ago#1
I have four of these what purpose do they serve? I know I have to take one of them to an appraiser in Riften, other than that are they related to any other quests?
5 years ago#2
That's it's own quest, they're called Barenziah's stones and there's 24 of them. I don't know what happens when you get all of them - I only have 6 - but I'm hoping you get something pretty good cause they're scattered all over skyrim.
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5 years ago#3
*minor spoilers*

there are 24 of them, when you find them you get a quest to find a crown, then you put it back together and display it in the thieves guild
5 years ago#4
I just wiki'd it, if you get all 24 you are awarded a perk that increases your chances of finding a gem in chests!
5 years ago#5
Specifically, talk to the girl with white hair in the Ragged Flaggon. You gotta go through the Ratways under Riften. I think her name is Vex.

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