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5 years ago#1
Have anybody experimented with vampirism yet? like what perks should I get? Or what race would you use? I see that you get a bonus in illusion should I invest in illusion spells or just sneak around and become a thief/archer, and how would fighting the dragons work lol -50% fire resistance .

Any ideas or comments are much appreciated. Im looking foreword to making a vampire class
5 years ago#2
Wouldn't a Dark Elf's racial fire resistance be of use? You can also stack fire resistance gear as well. (Want to help Men's Health? Take a look see here)
5 years ago#3
That's a good idea. I wonder what perks should I go for? I know there is an illusion perk that gives you silent casting. So you could have ppl battle it out then sneak attack with a bow whoever the winner is lol
5 years ago#4
Vampires seem mostly tailored to sneakier characters IMO. So skills like Sneak and Illusion are good ones to go for.

To be honest, the weaknesses of a vampire are pretty strong for very little payoff. I kind of would say it isn't really worth it unless you want to add an element of challenge to your game or want to be a vampire for RP purposes.
5 years ago#5
I guess I just wanted to have a class just to say I have it haha Idk seems like it would be kinda fun
5 years ago#6
Top race to make BTW is obviously Dark Elf. The resistance to fire will help offset the huge weakness to fire that Vampires get. The worst race would probably be anything that comes with an innate poison or frost resistance, just because then you're really not getting the full benefit of the frost and poison immunities.
5 years ago#7
Don't get me wrong, I'm currently a vampire and it's still pretty cool. You do get a once a day zombie spell that gets pretty powerful by day four, and a good invisibility spell at day four. It's just kind of a pain sometimes to stay on top of feeding unless you join Dark Brotherhood or pickpocket a key off a villager to make your "feeding house".
5 years ago#8
What about stat wise should I go for more magic or health being as me being a stealthy class I should never come into conflict
5 years ago#9
I can tell I'm super early into the game. I knew you could get a vampire disease but turn into one? That's pretty sweet haha.
It's spelled ridiculous not rediculous.
5 years ago#10
Haha yea the good thing is if you want to challenge yourself early in the game you can get this disease as early as lvl 1 lol

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