Where can I find an easy high elf to kill?

#1TehPwnzererPosted 11/25/2011 2:23:07 AM
I'm only missing high elf blood before finishing the mundane quest for septimus. I haven't gotten to Thalmor embassy yet and was wondering if there;s another location.
#2Gary500Posted 11/25/2011 2:24:04 AM
Hob's Fall Cave
#3Centur1onPosted 11/25/2011 2:25:02 AM
Try Northwatch keep, all the way at the top left of the map, the keep is guarded by thalmor, so there is plenty of high elf blood to harvest.
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#4Ghost_61636Posted 11/25/2011 2:44:53 AM
Or if you've done the main quest, go to the Thalmor Embassy (gate should be locked) and Fus Roh Dah someone inside. They will come running out and attack you so kill one, harvest it, then GTFO!!!!!
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#5SpacefrisianPosted 11/25/2011 3:21:25 AM
Start the quest given to you by Greymane in Whiterun. You will get to a prison full of highelves.
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#6GenocideHeartPosted 11/25/2011 3:23:54 AM
Can't you simply loot an already-dead high elf corpse for the blood? If so, you should find a Thalmor corpse near the Shrine to Talos in the vicinity of Falkreath. It's the earliest possible instance of looting a Thalmor robe, too, as well as some neat leveled loot. I got Thalmor robes, a silver sword (!) and an enchanted helm.

There's also a bunch of worshippers of Taos strewn about there, dead. There was a huge fight there. More loot, lol.
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#7GhostCrysisPosted 11/25/2011 3:31:52 AM
I always see Thalmors walking outside of Whiterun.