Master Robes! The magic is strong with this one and some other questions

#1Bryan_SkullPosted 11/26/2011 10:30:00 PM
Can we dye armor and clothes?

Ok My one question is for every Something Robe is there a matching clothing color for that color. And fore every robe is there a hood to go with it? Like Master Robe is there a master hood?

I just got a look at the wiki. Needs more updated information.

So far I think the wiki is a little bit wrong about the robes giving +15 or +17 to a skill. Then again I might be wrong. I was sure a youtube video show it saying -15 percent of magicka cost.

Lets use blue mage robe is there blue mage boots or blue mage shoes?

Master Robes vs Archmage's Robes

150 regen to magicka vs the 100 regen to magicka. Master or Archmage? Both are good robes. Sorry Archmage robes. I pick Master robes. Even though I can get both.

Also what are all the all the enchantments and what levels are they as in magical effects and strength. From min to max effect. Like health what is min health I can added and what is max amount of health I can added.

Also can someone list all the enchanted clothing and random enchanted clothing?
#2Banchou-kunPosted 11/26/2011 10:57:13 PM
check the elderscrolls.wikia for that, your asking for a lot of info which is already up. Protip, if your going mage, make sure u get enchanting to 100. then you can make gear sets that put the archmages robes to shame. You can make daedric heavy armor work better for you if u wanted to. @100 enchanting you can make 2 schools of magic FREE of mana cost. head, body, necklace and ring can each be given 2 enchants per object with -25% for X school of magic. So basically 2 schools will be @ 0mana cost no matter how much it costs, freeing up perks for those Novice-Master perks.
#3Bryan_Skull(Topic Creator)Posted 11/27/2011 10:40:58 PM
But isn't the master robe the best regeneration of magicka? It has 150. Can I make an item that has more then that or equal to that in strength?

And the elderscroll wiki is It was missing key data when I ask this.

And still is.

By the way are all robes and clothing in stores restocks on the same item? So like if I buy a blue robe and the shop keeper has like 3 of them in stock. Will it come back?

And I ask about health. What's the max value I can added to a single item?