A post patch 1.2 (maybe patch 1.1) overpowering alchemy glitch

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SCratch that again, it's climbing, reaches up to 220%, next potion is a 70~% pot.

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Not sure if this was posted before but I did some experimenting. A few notes:

At a certain point my potions got to somewhere in the billions which caused a negative symbol to come up. So my Alc suit said created potions are -7billions stronger and afterwords the potions went kinda haywire and got stuck at 4% with or without alc suit.

My alc suit was rendered useless lol. It's worth a couple thousand though so I'm gonna sell it and re enchant some ordinary leather and basic jewelry after my 48 hour waiting period to buy more soul gems.

If you get to a reversion point like I did you can save your armor and ingredients by loading a state prior to the Alchemy experimentation gone horribly wrong. I loaded an auto save from Proudspire Manor in solitude the first time around.

After making your perfect alc suit even more perfect you can make potions to fortify enchantments by 500+ % easily. and any item enchanted with it won't revert like the armor might if you go too far. I got a necklace that makes smithing 220% or so better. Used it on my favorite weapons.

Basically. Go crazy but prepare for some wacky stuff as well. I plan on redoing this and fortifying the crap out of my enchanting and smithing. I want my Blade of Woe to OHKO and my Daedric Bow to act as a high powered sniper rifle for when I get bored :)
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iv read this can glitch quests, any one found this? Also What do you do about the 26 million hour active spell? Would be annoying to always see it on the list no?
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Sweet, got it working finally.
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Okay, can some explain noob friendly how to do this?? And where to find these ingredients?
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Alright, because your sig is in Welsh, I will answer your bump.

You need:

Ingredients for fortify restoration potions  -  http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Potions_(Skyrim)  -
Ingredients for fortify enchantment potions  -  http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Potions_(Skyrim)  -
Some gear that already has fortify alchemy enchantment  -  purchase from Radiant Raiment

As has been said numerous times in this thread:

Enter alchemy table.  Create Fortify Restoration potion.  Exit alchemy table.
Enter Inventory, drink potion you just created.  UN equip your fortify alchemy enchanted items.  Exit inventory.
Enter Inventory, RE equip your fortify alchemy enchanted items.  Exit Inventory.

The percentage on your fortify alchemy gear will increase after you drink the potion which you just created.

Once you feel you cannot get the percentage to rise any further, create your fortify enchanting potion.

Re enchant your gear AFTER drinking your fortify enchanting potion, which will allow your new fortify alchemy gear to start at a higher percentage.  Rinse and repeat until your fortify alchemy gear is a massive number.  Once you can create a fortify enchanting potion that is of high percentage (I think i settled for 1500% ish), create as many as possible.

Now enchant your armor, weapons, etc with god like properties.  boots which let you carry a few thousand lbs of gear is a nice start!!

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FURYofCHIBA posted...
darkanima8989 posted...
Could I get an a step-by-step on how to get infinite shouts, please? :)

1.Equip all alchemy gear you have, preferably 4 pieces of 25% better alchemy, but anything above 10% will do.

2.Create fortify rest. potion

3. Take off gear

4.Drink potion

5.Put gear on

6.Make another potion

7.Take gear off

8.Drink potion

9.Put gear on(you'll notice when you go to put it back on the values will have changed dramatically from when you first your gear on, ex. started with a 12% better created potions ring, now a 31% better created potions ring)

10.Repeat steps 2-9. When to equip the Amulet of Talos is really up to you. As you do the potion drinking loop the percentages for all skill raising equipment will rise astronomically and any equipment you equip after drinking an ~UBER~ potion will be locked at whatever % it was at when it was equiped.

The Amulet of Talos though is different it does not show any change in the 20% it started with, but once equiped after drinking a lets say 365487937% Fortify Alchemy potion your Shout reload times will be in the -112343 seconds range.

This glitch can be used with any equipment you own.

Although it's better to just make a Fortify Enchantent Potion directly after drinking a ~UBER~ Fortify Restoration Potion, use that potion to then enchant a ring with massive Fortify Alchemy %, and only ever have to make one potion at a time.

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I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but I pray they have. The effect will not only not stack for me but when the potion wears off the potion in my inventory reverts back to what it would be if I crafted it not under the influence of a potion. Just watched a potion in my inventory go from 39% to 30% after the 60 secs ran out. What. The. Heck.