Full member of thieves guild?

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5 years ago#1
How do I become a full member? I finished the primary guild quest and was made leader, but the become a full member quest is still unfinished. Do I need to do more tasks for them and, if so, how many?
5 years ago#2
Are you talking about the quest that also has the "collect stones of barenziah" in it as well? I have that stuck in my quest log too. Not sure if getting and turning in all the stones will make it go away as I haven't bothered to find them all yet. If anyone has done that and knows if it makes the quest complete I'd like to know as well.
5 years ago#3
That's the one. Guess they're tied together?
5 years ago#4
applejack1310 posted...
That's the one. Guess they're tied together?

No, this is not the case. After completing the primary quest line, you need to take on jobs from Delvin and unlock the 4 special jobs.

To get the 3rd trophy though, you should save your thieve's guild armor... I'm locked out of the quest because I lost that long ago & now can't talk to Tonila.
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5 years ago#5
You have to take five jobs in each city and do a special quest. Then there is a final quest and you become "official" guild master.
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5 years ago#6
Have you complete the 4 special quest in whiterun,windhelm,solitude and Markarth? After that you will receive the guild master armor and should complete thief guild quest.
5 years ago#7
Yeah I've completed the special jobs and received the guild master's armor. The quest is still there though. The only thing I haven't done for the thieve's guild is collect the stones of barenziah.
5 years ago#8
once you find all the stones that part of the quest will probably be complete
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