Thieves guild and dark brotherhood interfere?

#1beastlybrowsPosted 2/2/2012 11:40:05 PM
just banged out the thieves guild quests with my thief/assassin. i was curious if doing the dark brotherhood quests mess up your standing with the thieves guild
#2valleyboy86Posted 2/3/2012 2:54:50 AM
No I have done both. I did completely finish the Thieves guild quest first, but every time I go back there after finishing the Dark Brotherhood they all still love me there!
#3GoatJugSoupPosted 2/3/2012 3:08:47 AM
I did db before thieves guild, no interference there
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#4conduitPosted 2/3/2012 3:28:35 AM
I finished Thieves Guild Quest then did Dark Brotherhood. Both questlines tend to compliment each other if anything.
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#5dudersaurusPosted 2/3/2012 4:07:29 AM
Minor spoilers:

The only interaction I noticed was as part of DB I was required to see Delvin Mallory. I was already leader of TG and he welcomed me then said something like "oh, your here on... other business...".

Nobody cares.
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#6beastlybrows(Topic Creator)Posted 2/3/2012 5:56:41 AM
beautiful, thank you!
#7conduitPosted 2/3/2012 6:20:31 AM
also when you're doing these missions be sure to read the related books that you will find lying around. theres loads of interesting ones about the formation, history and practices of the thieves guild, dark brotherhood, morag tong, as well as stuff about Sithis and the Night Mother. and in the thieves guild quest there is a book about the Falmer which I found interesting.
~we are a part of the process, not instigators of its progress~