Is archery underpowered?

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3 years ago#1
I've been playing the whole game as an archer and I do have some problems from time to time (dragon battles are especially long). However, I've seen my friends play as mages and warriors and own everything in existence.
Am I doing something wrong or is archery just like that?

I have 80 points in archery so far and the Nightningale Bow with Glass Arrows.
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3 years ago#2
Work on your sneak rating. Sneak attacks = x3 damage so boosting sneak = enemies find it harder to find you (they off run straight past me to attack my companion) and stringer attacks. You should also have the zoom and slow time perks.

I can generally take out a group if 4-5 enemies before they even know I am there ;) (that is in Master setting too)
3 years ago#3
Have you been inproving the bow with smithing or just leaving it as is?
3 years ago#4
I don't know how you did it man , but bows are the one most deadly thing in skyrim.
A dragon fight shouldn't last more than a few seconds.
Even without sneaking an upgraded bow with good arrows is death incarnate.
Add in alchemy and you pretty much have a one shot death machine on 99% of the creatures of the game.

At 80 archery you should have much better than the nightingale bow and glass arrows.

Did you invest in the forgery skill ? Or conjuration maybe ?

Forge your own bow , enchant it , nightingale bow is weak compared to what you can have if you build it yourself.
The bound bow spell with the right perks can also punch holes the size of your fist in anything.
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3 years ago#5
Sneak is a great way to get lots of damage, but it's real hard to sneak around dragons. I use a Daedric Bow with 128 damage and Absorb 20 Health/Damage 25 Health and Daedric Arrows (25 damage). My Bow skill is 100 and it takes me around 5 minutes to kill a dragon. Mostly because they won't stay still. I have a 20% chance to paralyze a foe and sometimes that means dragons. Just keep at it. I have taken out bosses with the bow. Sneak is a great way to build up that skill and the occasional book.
3 years ago#6
Make sure you throw on some Fortify Bow gear.

The Shrouded Cowl from the Dark Brotherhood has 20% Bow Damage
You can add it on your gloves, ring, and amulet as well I think.

Don't underestimate some of the Alchemy potions you can make, which are a lot more effective with a bow. Keep paralyze poisons on hand for those pesky bastards that just wont go down.
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3 years ago#7
Conjure a bow, I kil everything with it and play on Master
3 years ago#8
"I use a Daedric Bow with 128 damage and Absorb 20 Health/Damage 25 Health and Daedric Arrows (25 damage)."

This confuses me , I do more damage with my elven bow/glass arrows on my current game.
I have maybe 65 in archery and like 2 point in the basic perks (damage).
I have a few gear parts to pump it up but at 100 archery and a deadric bow you should do much more damage than 128.
The word "main" is the cancer of fighting games.
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3 years ago#9

So, is it underpowered. It looks like 95% of the people say NO. Can you not use it correctly, SURE. Can you not used it to your best advantage, SURE.

There are 2 quest lines, that lean towards being sneaky. DB and Thiefs. Sure you can be a warrior thug, but Being sneaky, it a tad more fun. Getting a first shot with a bow, gives you a good advantage. Getting a shot while things run towads you, is great. Then you switch to melee, and finish them off.

YOu might want to lure people to you also, and not charge in screaming your own name!!!! Bows are great for this.

I would say if you AREN using a bow, you are missing out. Unless you are a major magic user, then many spells can replace bows. But if your a sword and board, Bows should also be used, to there advtantage.

Thats my 2 coppers on dat.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.
3 years ago#10
if TC meant "are there builds that work well with bow's" then sre, tons.
if he meant "are there non-combat builds that work well with bows....not so much.
there ARE, if you grind smithing to maximum asap and upgrade your bows to legendary, but i can think of a less interesting first 10 hours
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