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3 years ago#1
And not let it devolve into an argument over 360s and PS3s and bugs. Seriously, I don't care who's right and wrong about that, this is officially a "no console griping" zone. I've yet to see a topic on this forum for people to actually sit down and discuss the possibilities for this DLC.

Now, so far all we've got are a name and a picture... But combined with the stuff we've had beforehand, I think this is enough to start speculation. Someone noted that the picture made it look like ol' Dovah was a vampire, although I disagree. To me it looked more like he was possessed by an angel who was pissed because he didn't get enough sleep. (Not that I think that's the case, I'm just giving a description.)

This is the picture, by the way: http://cdn3.digitaltrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Dawnguard.jpg

Now, while I don't think that looks very vampiric, especially since Elder Scrolls vampires have red eyes, there's still a good chance that vampires are involved. The undead-hating Vigilants of Stendarr are a faction that exists in Skyrim (the game itself, not just the lore) but is conspicuously unused, without a single quest relating to any of them. "Dawnguard" would certainly be an appropriate name to describe them, especially if the targets of their wrath are vampires. We also know that a few files have been found in recent patches that suggest some changes or additions to vampire mechanics.

Alternatively, the name could refer to Meridia or Azura, both of whom are associated with the dawn in some way or another (the former being an undead-hater whose artifact is called "Dawnbreaker"). However, I doubt Bethesda wants to rehash the Shimmering Isles formula of "pick a Daedric Prince and hop on a plane to Oblivion". (I get the feeling I mixed up some words there...)

The game files have also suggested that a "snow prince" may be involved... The obvious first guess is that it has to do with snow elves, the ancestors of the falmer (who may or may not share a name, before you say anything - it's never been confirmed that snow elves were also called falmer), but I don't see the connection with the title. One might say it's related to the falmer emerging from underground, but while that may be "sun"-related, I think "dawn" is a bit of a stretch. If the game is aiming for Shimmering Isles' level of scope, however, it's not unreasonable to think it will include plot elements that aren't directly related to its namesake. It's also possible that the "snow prince" isn't an elf, or is meant for a different DLC altogether.

So... That's all I've got. Discuss? Or did I already cover pretty much everything that can possibly be said? :P
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3 years ago#2
I believe that at dawn, there will be a guard, waiting for us.
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3 years ago#3
I hope Snow Prince appear. An elf having a massive presence on a battlefield where the nord eventually gave him a Nordic funeral in the aftermath just makes me feel like this guy is the next Potema resurrection.
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3 years ago#4
i doubt this first DLC will be a major expansion...

it'll prolly be a couple of new locations and NPCs, with a new questline that's done in a few hours.....and some new unique equips as rewards...meh
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3 years ago#5
Are you colorblind, tc? The eyes in the picture are red. And the snow elves were not called falmer, they were turned into the falmer.
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3 years ago#6
I think it will be a large-scale expansion, personally. They said it was going to be meaty, not short like Fallout 3 expansions.

Also, yes. Snow Elves are the same thing as Falmer. Whether they were called that or not doesn't matter, but they're the same thing.

But honestly, at this point, any speculation is as good as any considering we have exactly NO information on it. That stuff regarding Crossbows/Snow Elves that the guy found (if it's legitimate) isn't necessarily the focus of the entire expansion. It's possible, but large TES expansions usually have new territory with several sidequests of their own. It's very possible that the expansion's story could be related to something completely different.

If the picture is any indication of something, then I suppose it would be that you'll be possessed in some type of way. Like by a Daedra. Maybe Dawnguard is something related to the Mythic Dawn = Mehrunes Dagon? We know that the Daedra have a way of influencing mortals to do their bidding (Molag Baal, Hircine, etc.). All speculation though, chances are when details are released at E3 then we'll all be wrong.
3 years ago#7
Machines_Of_Dog posted...
i doubt this first DLC will be a major expansion...

Bethesda stated upon release of the game that DLC would be large and significant, rather than just being a $5 horse armor. Considering how much hype Dawnbreaker is getting, it's hard to imagine this NOT being huge.

Gigahart_gaylor posted...
Are you colorblind, tc? The eyes in the picture are red.

It takes a special sort of person to be totally wrong while looking like a jack@ss. But in this case, you pulled it off perfectly. The guy's eyes are NOT red, they are a yellowish-orange.

@TC: I think you covered pretty much all of the rational theories. Honestly, I think that the similarities between the name "Dawnguard" and the Daedric artifact "Dawnbreaker" are more than just coincidence. I'd put my money on the DLC to have something to do with Meridia, or clearing out some sort of undead scourge. Only time will tell.
3 years ago#8
Gigahart_gaylor posted...
Are you colorblind, tc? The eyes in the picture are red. And the snow elves were not called falmer, they were turned into the falmer.

Falmer was their mer name. Each elf race has a mer name as well as an elf name such as dark elves= dunmer(formerly chimer)
High elves = altmer
Wood elves= bosmer
Maormer=Tropical/sea elves

Only exceptions being
Dwarves= dewmer
And the orcs= orsimer

The ayleids( Wild/Heartland High Elves) being the only ones without the mer name.

And the only ones without the elf name being the Aldmer.
3 years ago#9
my guess is at dawn if you go to whiterun at the front gate there will be a guard with an arrow in his knee and when you talk to him he will say "i used to be an adventurer like you then i took an arrow in the knee" then you get teleported to a huge room full of adventurers with arrows in there knee and as time goes by they start turning into guards and eventually you will get teleported to a battlefield full of archers then you get an arrow in your knee then you become a guard for the rest of the game
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3 years ago#10

We have a name and a picture, and we are taking about it?? what is there to talk about? I THINK we are all guessing?

I would think its about time. they SHOULD have had dlc like 2 or 3 months ago. While people were just getting done with the origial game. I lent my game to my friend, and i might not see it for 6 months. Im kinda over and done with it. for at least 12+ months.

If they have dlc like Shivering Isles, for oblivion, I might take notice. That was DAMN cool, and alot of work and content. but some simple 2 or 3 hour thing, thats just not worth it.

so yep, Dawnguard. good name. good picture. Hurry up already.

Thats my 2 coppers on dat.
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