just out of curiousity, does anyone "not" use fast travel?

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3 years ago#1
have you played the game walking or using a horse to get everywhere the entire time?
3 years ago#2
My brother does. But I feel like it's better to watch that way, so I'm cool with it.
3 years ago#3
I bounce back and forth from it, but I get bored to easily with it after awhile.
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3 years ago#4
i take the carriages, but i gave up fast traveling from the map except in special cases. like yesterday I was searching a ton of dungeons because i wanted a fur helmet & i remembered seeing some laying around somewhere.. no way i was gonna walk to them all.

other than that, i'm hoofing it. and i realized something... there's a ridiculous number of assassins on the road looking for me. i think today i will get rid of them once & for all.
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3 years ago#5
I got two characters, a mage and a theif.

My mage I roleplay as beig able to "teleport" to places he's been, while my thief uses the carriage system. Kind of like a throwback to Morrowind.
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3 years ago#6
I'm usually really gung ho about not fast travelling with every character I make but at around lvl 30, everytime, I start getting tired of running between two places, that are 10 minutes apart, 5 times for a quest. Eventually, it'll get so bad that I'll be smithing in Whiterun and when it's time to enchant what I made it's "Aw, man. Now I need to go all the way to Dragonsreach..." *Fast Travel* "There we go."
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3 years ago#7
My original character almost never fast travels. I use it rarely as an alternative to the nonexistent packhorse, where I get on horse and fast travel home, dump stuff, and fast travel back to where I was, since in 'real life' she'd have just stowed the extra gear in the saddlebags, or actually brought one of her other horses along as a packhorse. She also tends to thoroughly explore every new area she comes across; I got the trophy for places found very early in the game. My new character is a self-centered, very direct, get-the-job-done sort of person, so she fast-travels nearly everywhere(although still on horseback) and when she does have to travel overland, it's by the shortest route possible and most of the locations discovered are simply marked on the map but no explored. The problem is that character 1 gets into a lot of adventures just traveling on the road, which the fast travel bypasses even though you might not be able to avoid them in person, so it skews the story a bit (as well as slowing the leveling). This does not mean, however I want the game to start generating encounters while fast-traveling.

My personal preference is not to fast travel except when forced to by the game (aside from the lack of equine load carrying, I've had the character get trapped in the terrain a few times and been unable to move until I fast-traveled out). My other two planned characters will probably again do as little as possible. Freya is being played deliberately counter to type, so for her character, the fast travel fits.
3 years ago#8
running from dragons... heh, its a fun game, besides the world of skyrim is too wonderful to miss out and enjoy the view
3 years ago#9
I flip back and forth, admittedly you miss a ton of stuff fast traveling but sometimes I dont wanna spend 20+ mins running just to turn in a minor quest. I love riding horses but having to dismount every time I bump into a lone wolf or spider is annoying as hell, I seem to bump into something every hundred yards or so. If you could actually attack on horse back I dont think id fast travel ever again
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3 years ago#10
Using Horse all the time, hate fast travelling
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