So do I suck at this game?

#1airdroid2Posted 5/6/2012 6:14:02 AM
I'm level 37, focus mainly on my Warrior perks, have an ebony greatsword, almost a full set of ebony armor, 40% resistance to fire, about 120 magicka, 340 health, and 130 stamina. My main focus for upgrade points is smithing.

I focus on powerful weapons like good bows and warhammers, but dont enchant anything (soul gems are freakin annoying to find, and expensive to buy).
I only enchant my armor (or buy it that way).

I have 17,000 gold, Breezehome and Honeyside.

Also I cant kill a dragon without the help of a follower or guards.

So do I suck? Should I start enchanting my weapons?
#2HyperShadow4321Posted 5/6/2012 6:17:57 AM
You should get an enchanted weapon or enchant it yourself. The more damage, the better, obviously. I don't know what kind of armor you're using, but warriors usually maul Dragons by that level. If Dragons are the only things you're really having problems with, then you're probably just approaching them the wrong way, or coming across Elder/Ancient Dragons which are pretty damn tough.

I don't know if you've done the main quest yet, but once you get to a certain part, you can get a Blades Katana with extra damage to Dragons.
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HyperShadow4321 posted...
I don't know if you've done the main quest yet, but once you get to a certain part, you can get a Blades Katana with extra damage to Dragons.

I think I have a blades sword, but yeah, dragons are the only thing that really harm me. Except Bandit Chiefs, those things are an equal match for me right now.

Yeah, like a regular or blood dragon I can take care of fairly easily on my own, but yesterday I was exploring and came across the dragon that guards the mountain overlooking Riverwood, and it was a pretty tough battle.
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He means the specially named sword that does extra damage to dragons..and lightning damage. Regular Blades swords don't. Do you increase your weapons/armor through smithing, or just leave them at their base form?
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If you're going with a two handed weapon, start pumping more points into stamina. Interrupt the dragon's breath attacks and bites by holding L1 and pressing R1. Don't power bash, as it'll use up a huge amount of stamina, just normal bash. Interrupt an attack, take two swings (maybe just one, warhammers are slow), then repeat. Think about getting the Block Runner perk in the Block tree, it applies to blocking with a weapon as well.
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Just want to say that soul gems are incredibly EASY to find...don't buy them
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learn marked for death

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