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3 years ago#1
So yeah, even worse i bought it before knowing of all the bugs and freezes this game has to offer.

So i was wondering if anyone (specifically those who've expierienced it) knows at what moment or stage in this game that i should expect this game to start getting screwey on me, or any palce in this game i should keep an "eye" out for.
3 years ago#2
Little to no of the game freezing
Couple of annoying bugs
havnt experienced a serious game problem with the latest patch. Unless you got previous patches that make the newest patch freeze the game when you enter water and that can be fixed by deleting the game, not saves, and re-installing the game and patch.

i have gotten the annoying bugs wuth the bow though but thats easily fixed and juat annoying
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3 years ago#3
Thanks, good to know the problem has been fixed, now i can enjoy the game without anxiety :)
3 years ago#4
I started playing the game after patch 1.4 was released. I am now up to 110 hours, and the game has only froze on me 3 or 4 times. I haven't encountered any bad bugs or glitches either. I did do some research for a couple quests to make sure I avoided any quest breaking bugs, but most of the quests I just did them and have been able to finish all of them. I have encountered some frame rate hiccups, but nothing major or distracting.
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3 years ago#5
As long as you don't play for an uber long time (5+ hours) you should be fine. Take a break every couple of hours and the game should run smooth as butter.

I know it does for me.
That's what I think, anyway.
3 years ago#6
While I have had a few issues with the game, it has frozen on me quite a few times, had the water glitch happen and that led to another big glitch but fixed it, had lag issues a few months back but not in a while. I would say the amount of time I have spent on the game and having fun far out weighs any of the issues I have had with the game.
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