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3 years ago#1
Let me just get it out of the way, I LOVE oblivion, now dont get me wrong a lot is nostalgia, if I go on youtube and start listening to the ost I start getting all nostalgic about the countless hours I played it, staying up all night until the morning just exploring and taking the world in, it was amazing, I had never played a game like it, it felt like it was infinite. One of my greatest of all time games.

Now skyrim, I bought on launch, played for about 10hrs and it just didnt capture me like OB did, the graphics were great, improved combat, amazing music, overall though the wonder and amazement of exploring the world wasnt there for me, in OB I would wander, come across a dungeon, go in, fight loot, come out, its dawn, wander again but at night, then morning comes, it was just incredible!

Perhaps I didn't give it a chance. I sold it shortly after but I always wanted to try it again, what are people thoughts on both games?
3 years ago#2
And yes, going back to OB you will quickly see how inferior mostly everything is, but thats not the point, Skyrim never gave me the feeling that OB did despite it being better in almost every way, thats my point.
3 years ago#3
skyrim has a better world, imo. feels a bit "grittier" (i hate that word, but yeh)
my advice? Try skyrim again, but dont fast travel everywhere, and dont use the carriages to teleport to cities.
WALK from whiterun, out across the plains and over the mountains to morthal.
its suprising how much more into it you get on a long trek, getting distracted by dungeons and fighting off wildlife.

few games give the thrill of getting stuck in a blizzard on the ice floes outside winterhold, and having to escape a polar bear attack.
3 years ago#4
3 years ago#5
MMAKSX posted...

Zegram got it right. No need to bump.

I played Oblivion and Morrowind for more than 500 hours. I miss Morrowind more, but Skyrim is the best world by far. Better graphics, all of it was made by hand (No copy-paste terrain, which Oblivion did a lot of.)

Also, the fact the dungeons are much better, all of them are unique somewhat, they might reuse a tunnel but all the main chambers are usually different. In Oblivion they had duplicates of almost every dungeon.

Don't get me wrong, Oblivion was and still is great, it's just that after playing Skyrim I can't get into it again. I tried, but it is so much inferior on the gameplay mechanics it doesn't feel like it did when I hadn't played Skyrim.

Only reason I miss Morrowind is because of the amount of skills/weapons/different mechanics on everything honestly.
Insert Witty Comment Here.
3 years ago#6
TESIV is the better game

no point in trying to achieve the same feeling

(i was gunna make a chasing the dragon pun)
"No-one tries to kill me and gets away with it..."~ Kliamgroq
3 years ago#7
Machines_Of_Dog posted...
TESIV is the better game

no point in trying to achieve the same feeling

(i was gunna make a chasing the dragon pun)

Maybe not better but the theme and nostalgia is.
3 years ago#8
^ theme as in music? really? To each their own I suppose.
3 years ago#9
Justin2Krelian posted...
^ theme as in music? really? To each their own I suppose.

No theme as in enviorment, and yes the music give me a lot of nostalgia, it is fantastic, but from the 10hrs I played with Skyrim it is amazing as well, (same composer)
3 years ago#10
Actually I think the background music in Oblivion is a bit better, but I was referring to the main themes.

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