why would you side with the imperials?

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User Info: Malus_X6

4 years ago#71
From: Jennai | #070
Ulfric is a weak, simpering pawn used by the Thalmor.

Not quite. He just happened to be doing exactly what the Thalmor wanted. Easier to conquer a divided land than a united one.

That, and Ulfric being an idiot helped them some... Until I came along.
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User Info: coolcole9155

4 years ago#72
Imperials have been in the series for many games now, and the Stormcloaks have been in how many games? 1! Dagnab those racist Stormcokes.
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User Info: 941Blaze

4 years ago#73
Because the Stormcloaks need to understand that when you lose a war, you must pay the consequences. Their consequence is not being able to worship a lord, which is, I admit, harsh, but maybe they should've been stronger and won.
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User Info: Rougarou_31337

4 years ago#74
IHeartJessAlba posted...

I was gonna hit you up with a massive history lesson, but then I realized that you are probably just trying to troll me.

In any case, you're talking out your butt. You might want to get that checked out by a doctor.

Please sir, enlighten me! Before you hit me with a massive anything, may I suggest you a link before you attempt to lecture me on any history, much less my own.


Just a basic overview.

User Info: MoonlightJust

4 years ago#75
Doktoroktopus posted...
Obama stands for gay marriage and public health care and insurance options. That's a-ok in my books.

You do realize he only 'stood' for gay marriage AFTER it was safe to do so, right? When the political wind was a blown' in the direction to where it would wind up alright if he made that declaration, he suddenly changed his previous stance of "not for it" to "For it". Nobody should like a flip-flopper who only goes where its 'politically safe'.

User Info: TNist1048

4 years ago#76
When I first played the game I joined the Stormcloaks (I was playing a Nord and it made sense) however the more I look at the situation the more I realize I would probably have been better off with the Imperials. Usually the Empire takes a good look at the big picture as well as planning in the long term which is something Ulfric is terrible at. The White-Gold Concordat for all the noise that was made about it was simply a cease fire action to allow the Empire to get in a better position to deal with the Aldmeri Dominion. They full well know the High Elves are lying elitist @#$%#$% but they got caught with their pants down after Oblivion went down and needed time to regroup.

Add to this after doing the Dark Brotherhood quests I find that the emperor appears to be a really cool and intelligent man who understands and respects the responsibilities of leadership unlike Ulfric who was willing to plunge Skyrim into a civil war and threaten action from the Aldmeri before either Skyrim and the Empire were ready simply to grab political power and I realized Ulfric is just too stupid to be allowed in charge of anything.

User Info: TehTrumpCard

4 years ago#77
Because Red is better than Blue.
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User Info: robd42

4 years ago#78
I can not even force myself to side with the Imperial SOBs.
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User Info: StarSpawn

4 years ago#79
In my only playthrough, as a non-Nord (wood elf), I felt threatened by the Ulfric's Stormcloaks. After finishing up the Brotherhood quests I felt some vindicatation for the Imperial's attempt on my life. I felt the Stormcloaks were a being short-sighted and Ulfric was taking advantage of the situation for his own push for power.

My next playthrough will be a Nord and I'll likely side with the Stormcloaks, if anything to experience both sides of the quest storyline.

User Info: Rougarou_31337

4 years ago#80
TehTrumpCard posted...
Because Red is better than Blue.

Not on this side the pond..
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