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elemental enchantments (Archived)omegaura423311/26/2011
So unless you can come up with a plan my games ruined. (Archived)
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"demonstrate your ability" (Archived)phil_hendrie1011/26/2011
How to Cast Spells for 0 Magicka (NOT a cheat) (Archived)
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Young nord...... (Archived)Morpher_lord211/26/2011
Why does magicka..... (Archived)Ghengis_Khan811/26/2011
Leifnarr's Family Help (POSSIBLE SPOILERS) (Archived)KingEmperor511/26/2011
I quit, this game is just to unplayable I am level 53 and it lags so bad... :( (Archived)
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If you've fought Krosis... (Archived)
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Anyone come across this hilarious bug? (Archived)slashfan12345511/26/2011
Does getting 100 in every skill do anything other than unlock perks? (Archived)TehPwnzerer411/26/2011
What is the best race to pick if its my first time playing? (Archived)Ratchet611811/26/2011
uuggggghhhhh! (Archived)Nintendudes_2711/26/2011
in my time of need (Archived)Tfalcon16211/26/2011
Should I feel especially evil? (Archived)NiakaiN1011/26/2011
Do you believe this is the cause of the lag? (Archived)Yomonachi611/26/2011
would you trade back this game if.. (Archived)mursama211/26/2011
Is it just me or was the Proving Honor quest for the Companions very difficult? (Archived)MyLucky777s911/26/2011
Seriously...how long...? (Archived)akaw34071011/26/2011
How to survive against mages? (Archived)
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