How can I pay my bounty?

#1Ryan2EZPosted 11/11/2011 1:26:45 AM
I'm in whiterun right after you slay the first dragon...

I was randomly running around messing with the shout and accidentally hit a guard with

All the guards swarm me. I left and tried to come back in hopes they would try to arrest me but they all draw their swords the minute they see me

Even if i let them kill me i keep just reloading and dieing
#2Ryan2EZ(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2011 1:35:44 AM
just keeping dieing over and over =[
#3A3ternusPosted 11/11/2011 1:37:06 AM

I think I read one of the tips where it said you can sheathe your weapon and the guard(s) will stop fighting you, accept your tield and try to "arrest" you. Whatever that means.

If I was in your situation, I would try to run away, come back with an unsheathed weapon, let them hit me a couple of times, sheathe the weapon and see what happens. Just a wild guess here.

#4Ryan2EZ(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2011 1:38:35 AM
I've tried all of that and they just bum rush me the minute i appear i've taken out my weapon and re sheathed it no such luck =\
#5A3ternusPosted 11/11/2011 1:44:37 AM

Well I'm out of ideas then. According to the wiki, sheathing your weapon while in combat counts as a yield, so the guards should try to arrest you (initiate dialog?).

#6Ryan2EZ(Topic Creator)Posted 11/11/2011 1:46:55 AM
Apparently I'm not the only one it's happened too

seems like a weird bug/glitch

I tried going to riverrun to pay off the bounty and everyone in the town just kind of rushed me
#7KeNNeYgPosted 11/11/2011 1:49:26 AM
Guard: Stop you criminal scum!

Pay fines
Go to jail
Resist Arrest.

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#8AcinathPosted 11/11/2011 2:01:12 AM
In Oblivion it was sheathe and then block wasn't it?
#9bugjuicemanPosted 11/11/2011 8:05:20 AM
Seriously, this question still hasn't been answered. You guys are all "lol just pay teh gold"

Can I please have an exact step by step on how to stop being murdered?

I've ran around with my weapon sheathed

I've tried blocking and talking

Is this some sort of glitch?

#10WASHEIGHTZPosted 11/11/2011 1:09:07 PM
same thing happened to me i was just playing with shout, no i cant stop being attacked and cant be arrested, it wont give me the option