Best place to mine gold ore.

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5 years ago#1
just found a very good mine for gold ore and it's full of forsworn lol but... I got 54 gold from it.
5 years ago#2
I lol'd until I realised you meant gold bars.

How much is *54 gold bars in terms of crafting them into jewellry and selling them?
5 years ago#3
well... 54 gold ore turned into 27 gold bars and plus you can pick up a few extra bars inside not sold them yet. Maybe I will keep if they can be used in smithing recipes.
5 years ago#4
Yeah I think it would be good to save up and make some expensive jewellry you could sell later on
5 years ago#5
what is this near? ive looked everywhere on my map and i cant seem to find this place >.<
5 years ago#6
nvm, i used my knowledge of the landscape to find it, meaning i just looked at the river in the top right and found out where it is xD
5 years ago#7
Just get the transmute spell. Then all iron and silver ore can be upgraded to gold.
If you want something done right do it yourself.
5 years ago#8

I just cleared this place out today lol. I expected to get angry reactions from the ******** for digging up all the gold but I was pleasantly surprised that I could keep all the gold and sell it to an npc for 2,5k gold coins :cool:

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