Will your follower run away or attack you if you transform into a werewolf?

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I married Aela the Huntress and have her as my follower since she doesn't run away when I transform. Obviously this is because she's a werewolf too so she doesn't care. But if you have followers that aren't werewolves, do they turn against you? She's the only follower I've really used so far so I'm curious.
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they freak out just like everyone else. if you hit Z to roar you will fear them.
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Yes, others will not only stop following you, but they will attack you.

I had a follower from WhiteRun (the housecarl) and transformed...she tried to kill me, so I killed her.

That being said, she was later in my house in Whiterun, waiting to follow me again...
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I can't kill Lydia for one of many reasons, 1) She is awesome 2) So is the band who carries the same name. All hail Lydia -.-;
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Spoilers alert next time..

And your follower will run away / attack you if you accidentally attack them.
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My followers still follow and help me fight when I turn werewolf-y