Item ID for Ebony Ingots?

#1CSP_EricPosted 11/19/2011 3:48:05 AM
I know that:

player.additem 0005ADA9 is Ebony Ore, and I've tried '0005AD9A' which is what I've seen is the code for ingots on numerous other guides, but even though I've tried various other codes none work. I know I can just go to a Smelter and turn 2 Ebony Ore into a ingot but Smelter's aren't necessarily easy to come by as far as I know.

If anyone knows the actual code for Ebony INGOTS and not ore, would you be as kind as to post it here? Thanks in advance.
#2Sin___Posted 11/19/2011 3:49:13 AM
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#3SkybladeNoxPosted 11/19/2011 3:50:28 AM
Type 'help "Ebony Ingot" 0' and look for the ID. If that doesn't work, just add ore and smelt it. It doesn't take too long unless you need more than 20 ingots for something.

Or you can just add gold and buy them.
#4CSP_Eric(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2011 3:54:40 AM
Alright, I'll try both of those. Thanks.
#5MatrazetoPosted 11/19/2011 4:22:19 AM
Just thinking what worked in oblivion, couldn't you drop one ebony ingot, open up the console then click on the ingot to get the id?