*spoilers* How to hide bodies for Dark Brotherhood?

#1ZhacariasPosted 11/19/2011 9:30:12 PM
I'm doing the quest where you need to hide Balagog's body (The Gourmet) but his head is stuck underneath a barrel cause I used an arrow and I honestly have no idea where to even hide him.
#2bz_AdamsPosted 11/19/2011 9:31:52 PM
I just used Unrelenting Force to toss him in the lake. :P
#3Zhacarias(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2011 9:32:24 PM
Oh you're supposed to kill him outside? D:
#4LabyrinthMindPosted 11/19/2011 9:34:23 PM
You can drag him by holding E. I ended up telling him I was there to kill him in his room, cut him down as he ran out, and then dragged him behind the wine barrels and that counted.

I LOVE the idea of using Unrelenting Force to throw him into a lake though. Preferably one with Slaughterfish.
#5Zhacarias(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2011 9:37:27 PM
Phew I used the "disable" console command on the barrel he was stuck under and managed to lift him behind some other barrels by the wall. Worked out in the end, I suppose.
#6bz_AdamsPosted 11/19/2011 9:37:51 PM
Yeah, lol. I actually hadn't figured out yet at that point that you could pick up and carry objects by holding the use key, so I was kinda clueless as to how I was supposed to do it. I had the killed him on the docks, though, so I went ahead and tried the shout... sure enough, the corpse catapulted off into the lake, and I got quest completion. I was pretty pleased with myself.
#7Zhacarias(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2011 9:42:10 PM
LMAO nice