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5 years ago#1
So after toying around for a while and going on my second play-through on Master this is my Battlemage build.

Base build:

Any race
39 perks (
Focus in Archery and Conjuration with basic Smith/Enchant/Alchemy
Health 60%/Magic 40%

The focus of this build is to be a ranged archer, use a follower and if possible a war dog to quest and level until you have enough spells and perks in Conjuration to be able to always keep two potent summons (by potent I mean through the potent perk)

I would recommend equipping yourself in light armor and obtain and keep a good tank for companion (Uthgard, Mjoll, Vilkas and many others serve this role and they are obtained through questing or brawling) A good War Dog is Vigilance which can be obtained for 500 septims in the Markath stables. A horse is optional.

You should also level sneaking to 100 (no perks needed though) to be able to easily pull 2x damage while sniping. You can easily level speech and light armor for yourself. Leveling skill faqs are easily accessed through the sear function here, the wiki or UESP.

There is no need to focus on Critical Shot since for the price of 3 perks you only obtain 20% crit rate, it is there as a path to Ranger. The same goes for Arcane Blacksmith, it makes it easier on you so you dont have to smith that often but a little planning saves a perk.

Alchemy and Enchanting are, like Smithing, geared for the basic perks needed for successful wealth generation, follower equipping and overall pimping oneself out WITHOUT abusing or breaking the engine.

Finally, Conjuration goes on the Atronach path since they make better tanks (and that's what you'll need) There is no need to spend a perk point on Conjuration Dual Casting since it typically enhances the time the summons last (which if needed can be easily accomplished through brewing a Conjurer's Potion)

You shouldn't need any more levels than this and this build, like any other decent build out there, affords you the chance to customize it further. Any lockpicking needed that you cant accomplish on your own just direct a follower to do so and if you can't find or are not willing to smith Magicka reducing armor then you have tons of free perks to halve Conjurations costs. All of this is enough to cruise through Adept and go easy on Expert. Master would require further manipulation of the equips, race and bonuses.
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5 years ago#2
My current build:

Breton (25% magic resist)
Lord Stone (25% magic resist)
Agent of Mara Quest (15% magic resist)
Brewed magic resist potion (approx. 28% without exploiting the engine)
---Total:85% magic resist (hard cap)
Note: You can also use Dragonskin or an elemental resist potion to go over the cap and be completely immune to any Ancient Dragon.

70% Health/30% Magicka
45 Perks (

Smith, improve and enchant a full set of Dragonscale light armor and a Daedric bow (will provide pics later when I get home) and obtain 0% magicka cost on school of Magic (I chose Destruction) while having approx. 50% reduction in Conjuration (you will only spend Magicka on two summons) Also direct enchants to Marksman and brew as many potions as you'd find use when facing the toughest bosses (I always have a couple of Marksman, Fire and Frost resist, Fortify Destruction and several Health potions)

I chose to further specialize the Battlemage build into Destruction since I can easily obtain 0% cost and I chose to further specialize in the Shock tree. If you want to go to Lvl 50 then you can double specialize on the Fire or Frost trees or further any other skills.

By the time you hit Lvl. 45 you should have 100's on the following skills: Archery, Smithing, Light Armor, Sneak, Alchemy, Conjuration, Destruction and Enchanting.

Alchemy might be the only one where its hard to grind for that, the others are easily done with some planning. I also have 100's on Lockpicking and Speech. Pickpocketing is practically useless and you can always chug a potion when you feel like using said skill.

As of now, Lvl. 45 and with said build I am practically immune to Magic, always tanked by 2-5 followers (Mjoll, Vigilance, 2 Atronachs and Shadowmere in my case) and chugging one potion (either Marksman or Fortify Destruction) I have two ways to easily down any Ancient Dragon in 5 swings.

There is NO breaking of the engine here (except when you want to 100'd a skill without grinding), minimal smith/brew/enchant and two ways of having fun while always being protected in Master. Just don't be careless and fight from the sidelines (Shock and Archery have good reach)

Also, if you are having issues making dragons land, summon Flame Atronachs, they shoot from afar and have good aim to make any dragon quickly land.


Here is my current NON min/max Battlemage build, which works awesome for me in Master and is not overfocused in one skill. Please do critique this build and let's try to improve it.
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5 years ago#3

And there's the album...
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5 years ago#4,%20Skyrim.png?1320882286
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5 years ago#5
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5 years ago#6
Not bad. Im still against 0 cost magika, though. And dont feel alone, this board moves as fast as a horse.
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5 years ago#7
Do you not put any points in stamina? Since it costs stamina to use eagles eye or do you just use potions to regen the stamina?
5 years ago#8
Also what is your current Health Pool Magicka Pool and Stamina
5 years ago#9
Cant check right now but I believe its 500 Health, 200 Magicka and 100 Stamina.

About Eagle Eyes I have never had to use stamina potions, you just learn to use it sparingly, as in zoom in, shoot, release immediately, rinse and repeat.

A few times in large scale battles you will run out of stamina unless the easy shots you take em without Eagle Eyes or Pot. I usually turn to magic while Stamina recharges itself.

Haven't faced anything too harsh, especially since you can roll with a small army when worst comes to happen (2 summons, war dog, follower and horse...and if you exploit Dead Thralls + Sanguine Rose trick you'll have even more)
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5 years ago#10
Sounds more like a minionmancer then a battlemage, but I like the design. I think of a battlemage more as someone buffing themselves via alteration/illusion prior to a fight, then running in with a sword + combat spell (like frost or paralyze).

Atronarch + Atronarch Stone + Magic Resistance in Alteration's tree + Mara's blessing = magic immunity, moreso if you started as a Breton.
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