Question about kill move animation in console

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Ok, so: set killmoverandom to

Lets you set the value of getting kill animations when you defeat your foes. But what is the originally value? Just for reference in chance I want to change back to default.

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set killmoverandom to *1-100*

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The default is 50.

You can tell by going on a save that you have not altered the figure on, and using "help killmoverandom 0" and it displays the current setting.

I'm guessing 100 = happens every time, and 0 = disabled
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So does setting it to 100 mean it always happens on a killing blow?
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From: JokerxDragon | Posted: 11/24/2011 7:02:20 PM
So does setting it to 100 mean it always happens on a killing blow?

There's one way to find out for sure.
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Nah set it to 100 and it seems to never go off.
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At 100 it should go off regularly.

It only works if the victim is the last enemy - no more red dots, you're on equal footing, he's not running into your attack, and it's your right hand. (Or dual wield, I guess.)

Dunno if there are other prerequisites.