Sinmir. What's his purpose? (possible spoilers?)

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The guy in the full suit of armor that hangs around the tavern in Whiterun 24/7. He never goes anywhere else and you can't talk to him at all, but he's flagged as essential so I'm assuming there's got to be a quest or something that involves him. Anyone know?
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Maybe DLC
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Well, he thinks the security in Whiterun is terrible.
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OmegaDragon posted...
Well, he thinks the security in Whiterun is terrible.

Haha yeah I think he's made that clear by now.

I don't know, it just seems strange that neither the official strategy guide nor either of the wikis have any information on him, yet he's flagged as essential. I personally like the guy. He literally never leaves the tavern, and just sits there and drinks in a full suit of armor, helm and all.
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If you take over the city for the Stormcloaks, he becomes the new captain of the guard. That doesn't stop him from still sitting in the tavern all of the time, though.
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Don't you need to beat him up for like the first companions quest too?
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