Best perks for a Stealth/Archer build?

#1DyndrilliacPosted 11/26/2011 6:13:58 PM
I'm level 3 so far, just started earlier today, and I've put 2 of my points into Overdraw for the damage boost and the other point into the one that lets you zoom in. I definitely plan on getting the slow time archery perk, and definitely going to be putting some into the Sneak tree.
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#2Cloud_6671Posted 11/27/2011 5:27:56 PM
1. Put perks in archery
2. Put perks in stealth.

there you go
#3MortalDangerPosted 11/27/2011 5:30:10 PM
Hahaha. I hate these topics. Really if you spend more than 10 seconds of thought on it you'll know.
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#4SpeakerEnderPosted 11/27/2011 5:33:23 PM(edited)
You say you want to be an archer so


stealth so


will you be getting hit? do you want to be stronger than a wet paper bag?

light armor

want some fall back weapons

put 5 into OH damage and 2 into dual wield, for daggers

pick a profession


although you might be spreading perks a bit thin at that point
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#5vinnygnyPosted 11/27/2011 5:38:37 PM
Master Pick Pocket, leave everyone naked and unarmed. the end
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#6FTLulzPosted 11/27/2011 6:47:53 PM
MortalDanger posted...
Hahaha. I hate these topics. Really if you spend more than 10 seconds of thought on it you'll know.

Normally in other games, it'd be understandable. But Skyrim is so one-dimensional in perk 'choice' that there really isn't any choice at all. It's like making choices in tic-tac-toe. You can win, or you can lose.
#7AMonkeyPosted 11/27/2011 7:23:16 PM
Don't worry to much. You can always use the console to respec.
#8KinzuPosted 11/27/2011 8:17:25 PM
Light Armor

Pretty much in that order as well. Light Armor is really not even needed but I like to go ahead and take the 50% stamina regen boost.

Those are pretty much all I have and my Daedric Bow is set at over 400dmg and goes over 660dmg with a Marksman Potion. It can higher as well because my Alchemy is not maxed on skill or perks just yet.

Just take note you can build for any weapon you want and be extremely OP in this game with a build like this. I had to up the difficulty because I started being able to 1 shot the weaker Dragons on Adept.
#9DomiMMKPosted 11/29/2011 6:39:41 AM
Light armor is worthless.

If you play using Sneak the entire way your light armor is going to be terrible since you never get hit. Waste of perk points.

Both Archery and Sneak Daggers don't need a lot of stamina either.

I found alchemy a good place to dump points. The poisons you make gain the benefit from your sneak attack modifier, so anything you can't kill in one shot you can with a poison