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Anyone figure out how to use this yet?
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N o o n e ?
#3GalahautPosted 12/1/2011 1:45:36 AM(edited)
playerenchantobject ItemID MGEFID. You can add 1 more MGEFID for a dual-enchanted item.

I have no idea how the enchantment magnitudes are calculated (Chillrend paralysis gave me 0 seconds but Chillrend frost damage gave me 68 points) and I'm not sure if you can modify them with the command. Also, the command generates the item, you don't need to have it on you.

Ex: player.additem 139b9 106617 f5d15 would give a Daedric Sword with Chillrend's frost damage and Trollsbane's fire damage to trolls.
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Actually, I guess I'm just wondering if there's a list of the MGEF IDs.
#5MaiagarePosted 12/1/2011 11:19:22 AM(edited)
I just did some of this today. You type playerenchantobject <object ID> <MGEF ID> <MGEF ID(optional)>. For example, type playerenchantobject 000877F1 0007a0f6 0007a0f5 to make a necklace with fortify destruction and fortify conjuration. The magnitude used for any magic effect is set to your enchanting skill, so 85 enchanting skill = 85% magnitude,85 damage/+85 health/magicka/stamina, 85 sec duration.

Edit: uesp wiki has the list.
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Ah, perfect. Thanks. I've been using uesp wiki since Skyrim came out but the site's kind of convoluted and I never found these enchantment IDs until today. But, thanks again :)
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Can you link the list on UESP? I've been totally unable to locate, had to use this site:
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Against the rules, but... =P

Click on the effect to see the IDs.