Can you organize your chest?

#1VulcanNinjaPosted 12/17/2011 9:20:20 AM
Is there a way to organize your chest at your house. I mean, by categorizing? You can organize your own inventory, I wonder why they didn't do this for storing items.
#2OldDirtyCRPosted 12/17/2011 9:24:03 AM

That's what I use.
#3H4RDC0R3V1B3ZPosted 12/17/2011 10:24:05 AM
I normally put different items in different containers.

Chest for weapons, Wardrobe for armors, Drawers for clothes, one small cupboard for Potions and one for Keys, larger cupboard for Books (as the Bookcases are annoying) then Barrels for Ingredients, Smithing and Enchanting materials, and one more for random things I've picked up during my travels like Bugs in Jars etc.

No clutter in my House lol.
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#4rmcrowleyPosted 12/17/2011 12:41:38 PM(edited)
Thanks for the link to that mod, OldDirtyCR.

I've always used a system like H4RDC0R3V1B3Z described, used it in oblivion too. Though I've noticed my chest of random things is rather unruly, partly due to filled soul gems not stacking properly...

I think it would be great if someone made a mod that let you drill down a bit more finely. For example, if you have a chest of weapons, but you just want to look at bows, it can be a bit unruly. If you could just select weapons and then select bows, it would be much easier. Or maybe I should just sell more stuff/stop picking it up...
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