ATI Radeon HD 4200

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5 years ago#1
Can that graphics card run this game? I am not very good with computer specs and requirements.

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5 years ago#2
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5 years ago#3
Most likely you will suffer with low frame rate with it or barely playable with low setting or not playable at all depends on what kind of CPU and how much RAM your PC have.
5 years ago#4
I've seen people playing Skyrim on Youtube with that card and others saying its not playable.....seems like hit or miss.
5 years ago#5
Is HD 4200 even a card? Isn't that just the series?
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5 years ago#6
SilentHawk29 posted...
Is HD 4200 even a card? Isn't that just the series?

HD 4200 series are all integrated chip sets.
5 years ago#7
I had that card....and I made it for about a week before I finally couldn't take it. It was really choppy.
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5 years ago#8
i have a ati mobility radeon hd 4200 in my computer and the runs fine on my computer so i think it might work fine it can surprisingly play a lot of decent new games like batman arkham city and fallout 3 so it might work.
5 years ago#9
Also depends on your CPU and RAM
5 years ago#10
Yeah, lower resolution and if you meet minimum CPU + use skyrim boost you'll manage 30+.

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