Any good gear available very early on?

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4 years ago#1
So I was going to start a new file, and wanted to see if I could get decently equipped in some heavy armor before starting most quests and the like, and without cheesing it with Smithing. I know I can get an Elven-quality Skyforge Steel weapon by doing the early Companions quests, but what else is available?
4 years ago#2
Forsaken Equipment is also available from level one, in most regions of the Reach. Savior's Hide, Shrouded Armor and Thieves Guild armor are available from level one. None of the gear in the Mages Guild questline are leveled, so there's that.
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4 years ago#3
As soon as you get out of the exit from Helgen, open the console and enter: player.recycleactor

It will give you a full set of iron armor & weapons, some lockpicks, some torches, a bunch of health/stamina/magicka potions (5 each), and a couple other potions I can't remember. Also removes anything you had in your inventory before using it.
4 years ago#4
Thanks, but I said heavy armor, not light armor.

And iron's not exactly "good gear". I'm wondering if there any places where I can find armor that's Steel Plate quality or above early on, basically. Like, say, how I can steal an Elven Sword from a display case in Dragonsreach if I can manage to open the lock.
4 years ago#5
So you want gear in early game that has an armor rating that is overpowered for early game but you won't use smithing because it's cheesy? The end result of a higher armor rating is the same either way.
4 years ago#6
Yes, that's the idea. Problem with that?

There's a significantly different "feeling" when you're out there finding your own gear than when you're just jumping around the cities buying iron to make daggers.
4 years ago#7
No, I was just wondering since most all armors are leveled you're not really going to find higher tier armor until you've leveled up sufficiently. Where as you could get a lower leveled set to the same armor level with a very small amount of smithing. It's like you're intentionally crippling yourself for nothing in return.
4 years ago#8
he wants to cheese the gameplay without having to be the one who cheeses it himself.

its some ridiculous way to justify being game breaking overpowered. its like people who do money exploits in single player games instead of just using a cheat/console command, they somehow feel its more "acceptable" to cheat if it was done by using an oversight by the Devs instead of just doing it themself with a cheat code
4 years ago#9
Well, for one, I wanted to level smithing only using metal I found, stole, or mined myself this time. I figured the stores stocking ample amounts of metal make the mines pretty much useless, so I wanted to try avoiding that.

And yeah, I know most gear's leveled. That's why I'm wondering if there's anything that's not for me to find, such as the Skyforge weapons or the Elven Sword I found early on in Dragonsreach Jarl's Quarters on my last playthrough.
4 years ago#10
Armor-wise, do the "Missing in Action" quest that starts in Whiterun (and sends you off to the middle of nowhere, though a carriage to Solitude shortens the trip considerably).

You get three flunkies to help with the Thalmor-killing for the quest, and they drop a ton of elven armor: both lightweight, good value/weight ratio for selling extras, and effective to wear and use yourself.
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